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Shop for your best electricity rate before summer price increases!


It’s time to find your best electric rate.

Electricity rates are up 3 to 5 cents per kWh in the last year. And the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) expects Texas electricity customers will experience record-high prices as the electrical grid is stressed during hot summer months. Reevaluate your electricity plan to lock in the lowest rate and save on your electric bill. 

How Power Wizard helps you save. 

Power Wizard’s smart technology compares hundreds of electricity plans within seconds, helping you easily find the best plan customized for your home with your address. In fact, the average Power Wizard member saved $748 on electricity bills last year.

Get the best energy plan, your way.

You can use our smart technology to find the best electricity rate and enroll yourself or have our energy experts enroll and manage your electricity plan on your behalf. Either way, we have what you need to lock in your best plan and ensure you never have to overpay for electricity again.

VIP Gold Member Plan $89

Our wizards will manage enrollment on your new plan, process your renewal, and take care of it all. Never roll out of a contract ever again and avoid those nasty month-to-month variable rates.

Self-Enroll Silver Plan $14.95

Find the best electricity plans in your area for one full year. This option is perfect for those who want help finding the best plan but keep control over their enrollment process.


Access the best energy plans in seconds!

Let our Smart Technology do the work for you and say goodbye to overpaying for electricity.

Find out how much you can save

What our members are saying


I am truly pleased with my payments. They have been the lowest in 15 years. Thank you Power Wizard!
Dora, March 2022, TrustPilot

Excellent service that exceeded my expectations!  The process was smooth and quick.  The agent reviewed my electric bill and in about 1-2 minutes and was able to find significantly lower rates in my area.
Gloria, January 2022, Google

This is my second home with Power Wizard. I have been very impressed so far and have recommended Power Wizard to my family and friends. Their customer service is fast, efficient and very friendly. Thanks Power Wizard ?
Gerry, March 2022, Facebook