Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

Electric Companies in Longview Texas: How To Choose The Best One For Your Energy Needs

So, you’re looking for an electric company in Longview, Texas.

Realistically, you want a quality service that isn’t gonna break the bank.

Finding the best provider for the most reasonable price is important, but how do you know which electric company will meet all your needs?

It could take hours to research every Retail Electricity Provider (REP) in Longview. Whether your free time is action-packed or blissfully empty, you can probably think of about 100 things you’d rather be doing than making a spreadsheet to compare the seemingly infinite number of electricity plans in Longview, Texas.

Don’t you just wish there was a way someone could do the research for you?

Luckily for you, there is.

Power Wizard is here to save the day!

Our unbiased algorithm can easily compare all of the available plans and pick out the best plan for your individual energy needs in just minutes! 

So, instead of wasting hours manually comparing each REP, just enter your zip code into the tool below and have your results in 5 minutes or less.

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This guide was created to provide all the information you need on choosing the best electric company in Longview for your needs.

Can I Choose Any Electricity Company in Longview?

You might be thinking:

“Can I choose any electric company in Longview, Texas?”


“How do I know who my power company is?”

In Longview, Texas, there are multiple retail electric providers. Luckily, as a consumer, you can choose your retail electric provider (REP) and the rates you’ll pay.

Electric Companies In Longview, Texas Exist Because Of Deregulation

Why do you have so many options for electric companies in Longview, Texas?

In 2002, Texas became a deregulated state.

What Is Deregulation?

Nearly a century ago, consumers couldn’t choose who provided electricity for their homes. Consumers had limited, if any, options.

The Public Utility Commission (PUC) was responsible for the regulation of electric rates and services.

Prices could go up at any time. There were no fixed rates.

No way of switching electricity companies in order to get a better deal.

Consumers were stuck.

Prior to deregulation, consumers couldn’t choose the following:

  • The amount spent on electric
  • What type of electric plan they wanted
  • Who the electric plan was through
  • The ability to switch electric companies at any point

Fast forward to 1999, Texas decided they wanted to put an end to monopolies on the electricity market by creating a law calling for deregulation.

In January 2002, the bill was approved, and Texas became a deregulated state.

Why Is This Law Important To Consumers?

Thanks to deregulation, consumers in Longview, Texas, and across the state have options.

Now, you can choose:

  • The company you purchase electricity from
  • The electricity plan you want
  • The amount you pay for electricity

It’s important to note that there is a difference between a REP and the transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP).

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TDSPs transmit gas and energy to your home or business. Consumers are unable to choose who their TDSP is because it’s based on the provider in your area.


REPs purchase electricity from authorized transmission and distribution service providers.

Your area’s TDSP delivers electricity to you, reads your meters, and services electricity poles in Longview, Texas.

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How To Choose The Best Electricity Company In Longview

Longview, Texas, has multiple retail electric providers that service addresses in the area.

Because of that, it’s hard to narrow down the selection and choose an electric company that fits all of your needs.

In order to figure out which electric company best suits your needs, you’ll need to compare all the electric companies in your area.

How do you find an electric company for your address in Longview, Texas?

There are a couple of routes you could take if you want to find the best electric company in Longview:

Option 1: Manually Search For The Best Electric Company in Longview

You could:

  1. Go online and google “Longview TX power company” Then, you could scroll through dozens of links, sort through them one by one, and hope you find one that lists all of Longview, Texas’ power companies. Finding electric companies is hard enough, but finding the rates and plans these companies have available could take hours, as well as some serious detective work.You’ll need to research things like:
    • Where can you find their contracts?
    • What type of plans do they have?
    • How about the different rates they charge?
    • What other charges are included in their billing?
    • Does their company match the needs of your home the best?
  2. Compare each of the electric companies in Longview, TexasComparing each of these companies could be done on an excel sheet. You could enter the information that you’ve found about each company, one by one. But that would require hours, potentially days, of your time. Plus, you will need to be able to understand the legal jargon of their contracts.Even after comparing the companies, there’s still more research that must be done.
  3. Check out reviews for each Longview TX power company Most people who have exceptional experiences or terrible experiences are likely to leave reviews. So, even after reading reviews, you still may not have any clue about the company, their customer service, or what they are providing to their customers.
  4. Pick a company and hope for the best Even after hours of research; you could pick an electric company and wind up overspending on your electric bill. You could base your decision on reviews or word of mouth, but the energy needs of one person may not match your needs.There’s no real way of knowing if you made the best choice.

Unless you enjoy spending hours of your time doing research, looking at all the available electric companies in Longview, Texas, can be exhausting.

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This option is time-consuming.

Comparing multiple electric companies can get frustrating and overwhelming.

Most times, picking an electric company by doing a manual search ends up costing you more.

By the end of the process, you might feel like just picking an electric company at random.

Instead of wasting precious time, you could let Power Wizard do the work.

Option 2: Let Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool Choose The Right REP For You From Electric Companies in Longview, Texas

A much easier way to find the best electric company for you is to let Power Wizard do the hard stuff. The Shopping tool makes it easy.

Enter your zip code and just a few other pieces of information about your home into the Shopping tool, and Power Wizard does the rest.

Power Wizard takes care of:

  • Finding an electric company in Longview, Texas, that suits you and your needs.
  • Not only do we handle the signup process with the new provider, but we make sure there’s a seamless transition from your old electric company to the new one.
  • We are constantly checking to make sure you’re getting the best plan based on your needs; if we find a better rate, we’ll let you know.

You could spend hours doing endless amounts of research on electric companies, never knowing if you ended up picking the right one.


You could save time, money, and energy by letting Power Wizard take care of the yucky stuff. Giving you the freedom to spend time on what really matters.

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What Is The Cheapest Electric Company In Longview?

It’s the big question:

What’s the cheapest electric company in Longview, Texas?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to the question.

Cheapest doesn’t always mean best. Especially when it comes to power companies.

Picking an electric company should be based on your needs. Many different providers have many different plans and incentives to get you to purchase electricity from them.

Incentives like:

  • Free nights and weekends
  • Gift cards for signing up with the company
  • Referral programs
  • No deposit programs
  • Seasonal rates

Each of these plans sounds great, but how do you know which one will give you the best deal in the long run?

Free nights and weekends may work best for someone who is only home during those times.

Getting a gift card for joining an electric company might be great at first, but what happens when their rates change because you signed a variable-rate contract?

Even if you’ve found an electric company in Longview, Texas, with low prices and fancy incentives, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found a company that will meet your needs.

Electricity Rates In Longview, Texas:

What are the electricity rates in Longview, Texas?

They range based on a few different things, including your plan, your electricity provider, and your contract, but here are some averages:

The average commercial rate in Longview is 6.2¢/kWh.

Residential rates in Longview, Texas average at 7.78¢/kWh.

Longview’s industrial rate averages at 4.95¢/kWh.

Because there are so many different electric companies with dozens of plan options in Longview, Texas, it’s hard to figure out which company best meets your needs.

Hidden fees and lengthy contracts are just a couple of things that could come with low-cost rates.

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It’s important that you pay attention to the stipulations companies have.

Sometimes they really are “too good to be true.”

With that in mind…

Don’t Rely On The Rate Alone

You recently switched electric companies.

You receive your bill, take a look at the “amount due” portion, and gasp because it’s much higher than you anticipated.

Immediately, you’re questioning, “Why?”

Unfortunately, the electric rates alone aren’t the only thing you pay as a consumer. You can’t rely on the quotes you’re given based on only your energy consumption; they aren’t as simple as just your rate per kWh.

Common electric bill add-ons in Longview, Texas, include:

Hidden Fees

On top of electricity rates, you could be paying fees like:

  • Minimum usage fees
  • Delivery fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Transition fees
  • Distribution fees

Fees aren’t the only things you have to consider either.

Most contracts have hard-to-understand jargon that requires you to read between the lines.

Who has time for that?

Contract Renewal Upcharge

Many electric companies in Longview, Texas, charge a higher rate after your initial contract has expired.

Before signing a contract, it’s important that you read it thoroughly and understand what you’re getting into.

Many contracts state that after your contract expires, you’ll start paying a month-to-month rate that may vary each month.

Or worse, your rates could jump to a much higher rate than you were initially paying.

What Is The Best Electric Company in Longview, Texas?

There’s no easy answer to the question; in fact, it’s basically impossible to answer.

The best electric company in Longview, Texas, differs from person to person.

Your needs, most likely, will vary from your neighbors.

Instead of searching for the “best electric company” in Longview, Texas, it’s important to find an electric company that meets your unique needs.

Some things to consider are:

    • Would a fixed-rate plan work best for you?
  • Are you away from home for most hours of the day?
  • Do you work from home?
  • Use a ton of electronics regularly?
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All of these questions are things to consider when looking for a power company.

Power Wizard’s algorithm takes all of those questions into account.

There are a lot of grey areas when you’re trying to search for the “best electric company.”

We look at how much energy your home consumes, what companies charge and which company in Longview, Texas, would best meet your needs.

Types of Available Electricity Plans in Longview

There are many different electricity plans to choose from in Longview, Texas.

The plan that provides the best deal for you depends on your lifestyle and electricity use. The cheapest “rate” may not be the best for your electricity consumption.

Some of these electricity plans include:

  • Fixed-rate electricity plans
  • Variable-rate electricity plans
  • Free nights and weekend plans
  • Prepaid electricity plans
  • Indexed electricity plans

Here’s the rundown on how a few of these plans work in Longview, Texas:

Prepaid Electricity Plans

Remember when phone cards were a huge option when it came to making long-distance phone calls?

You’d buy minutes, make phone calls, and when you were running low on minutes, you’d replenish them?

Prepaid electricity plans work similarly.

You estimate how much electricity you’ll use in a month and pay for it ahead of time.

You can pay for as many months at a time as you’d like. When you’ve used almost all of the electricity you’ve already paid for, you buy more.

It seems easy, right?

Until you forget to purchase more and you miss the reminder they sent to your email two weeks ago.

Now your electricity’s been shut off, and you’re wondering what happened.

You call the electric company; they inform you that you ran out of funds, and in order to turn your electricity back on, you’ll have to pay a reconnection fee.

Although paying ahead of time may seem convenient, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

Who Is A Prepaid Electricity Plan For?

A prepaid plan may be right for you if:

  • You’re good at tracking your energy usage
  • You don’t have enough credit history or have bad credit
  • You want to have more control over how much you spend on electricity
  • You want to avoid paying a deposit

Prepaid plans aren’t the perfect fit for everyone.

In fact, many times, the rates are typically higher in prepaid electricity plans.

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Prepaid may not be the right fit for you.

The good news is, that many Longview, Texas electric companies offer other plans, too.

Free Nights and Weekends

As you’re searching for electric companies in Longview, Texas, you come across a company offering free nights and weekends.

Instantly, you’re wondering, “What’s the catch?”

And that’s a fair question!

These types of plans were created to get consumers to use electricity during off-peak hours.

And because of that, there are some details you should be paying attention to before signing up for free nights and weekend plans.

Some things to consider before signing up:

  • Cancelation fees
    • Maybe the free nights and weekend plan aren’t saving you as much money as you had hoped. Summer has come, and now your kids are at home more during the day.
    • In order to switch plans, you may have to pay a hefty fee.
  • Energy charges
    • Something to think about and look over is if the electric plan charges a higher rate for electricity consumption outside of your “free nights and weekends” window.
    • In fact, one electric company in Texas charged almost double for their “non-free” hours of electric consumption.

The bottom line is that “free” doesn’t always mean “free.”

Who Is A Free Nights And Weekends Electricity Plan For?

Free nights and weekend plans certainly aren’t for everyone, but they benefit some people.

Let’s take a look at how a free nights and weekends plan worked for Philip and his girlfriend.

Philip and his girlfriend both work nine-to-five Monday through Friday.

They’re rarely home during the day. After work, they spend their nights and weekends at home, entertaining friends or lounging on the couch.

A free nights and weekend plan with a Longview, Texas electric company is perfect for them because of their lifestyle.

It’s so important that you find an electricity plan that fits your unique needs.

Researching dozens of different types of plans can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Power Wizard makes it easy. It compares all the electricity plans in Longview, Texas, and finds one that suits you and your lifestyle the best.

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No Deposit Electricity Plans

Electricity plans that require no deposit are also available from electric companies in Longview, Texas.

Like prepaid plans, no deposit electricity plans don’t require a credit check or deposit fees.

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Who Is A No Deposit Electricity Plan For?

No deposit electricity plans are ideal for you if you:

  • Have little to no credit history
  • Are a first-time renter
  • Are a low-income family
  • Prefer to pay in cash
  • Don’t have funds for deposit fees

Here’s an example of how one couple benefitted from a no deposit plan:

Lisa and Henry just got married. Because they’ve always paid in cash for things, they have a very little credit history.

They had just moved into an apartment and needed to find an electric company.

They were worried they wouldn’t be able to find an electric company in Longview, Texas, that would work with them.

Most of the electric companies they contacted required a substantially large deposit that they couldn’t afford.

Thankfully, they found Power Wizard’s Free Estimate Tool. It helped them find an electric company that best fit their needs and required no deposit.

Instead of spending hours researching and becoming overwhelmed about what to do, Henry followed the prompts and entered a few pieces of information about their home and their zip code.

Power Wizard took care of the rest, giving Lisa and Henry time to focus on their marriage and enjoy their new home.


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