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Do You Need a Tesla Powerwall?

By Tiffany Reynolds

What is a Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery storage system for residences. It is made by Tesla Energy, a subsidiary company of Tesla Inc. that makes electric vehicles. Introduced in 2015, the battery has been in mass production since 2017. By 2021, there were over 250,000 units installed.

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There have been three versions of the Powerwall: the Powerwall 1, which has been discontinued, the Powerwall 2, and the Powerwall+, which includes the solar inverter. If purchasing a Powerwall 2, you’d need an inverter to convert direct current power (DC) to alternating current (AC) power. Aside from the included inverter, the Powerwall+ has the same storage capacity but can deliver more kilowatts when the sun is fully shining on the panels.

3 Powerwall Systems

The Powerwall battery system has three modes of operation:

  • Self-powered: While using the solar self-powered mode, the battery collects excess electricity from solar panel systems to be used at later times, such as at night or during a cloudy day when the sun is not energizing the solar panels. When the battery is fully charged, any excess energy is exported back to the grid.
  • Backup: Using this mode, the battery provides backup energy for when the local power grid goes down, allowing the home to have power when there is a blackout.
  • Time-based control: When using time-based control, also known as load-shifting, the Powerwall uses smart charging to discharge the battery for energy use. During peak usage times, when the local power company charges more for electricity, the Powerwall will allow the homeowner to use the stored power from the battery rather than the grid. This lowers their total electricity costs.

Federal tax credit programs are available to reduce the cost of solar panel systems and batteries. The Residential Renewable Energy credit is one program available to offset the costs of installing solar panels on residential buildings. This is a one-time credit based on a percentage of the installation cost and can be claimed on your taxes. The credit offers 26% for any system installed from 2020 to 2022 and 22% for any system installed in 2023.

Units can be purchased directly from Tesla Energy and installation is completed by a Tesla-certified installer. The price of the unit may vary depending on the installer’s prices and whether you’re buying the Powerwall 2 or Powerwall+ with the included inverter. The battery can be installed by itself, or it can be purchased along with a Tesla solar power system installation.

How Tesla Powerwall works

Solar energy is harvested from solar panels

Solar power systems generate solar electricity by harvesting solar rays via solar panels installed on the rooftops of residences, commercial buildings, and other buildings. Photons from the sun’s rays are absorbed into photovoltaic cells in the panels. This generates an electric field which then flows to an inverter. In the case of the Powerwall+, the inverter is inside the unit.

From there, electricity is converted from DC power to AC power — electricity used to power appliances, chargers, lights, and outlets. Excess energy is stored for later power usage in the Powerwall battery.

Energy is stored in the Powerwall

Energy from solar panels is stored in the solar battery. When the battery detects no active power coming into it, such as during power outages or nighttime, it will switch to backup mode and provide power to the house. The battery can store 13.5-kilowatt hours. This amount of storage is higher than standard batteries, making the Powerwall one of the best energy storage options.

House pulls converted solar power from the Powerwall

One of the features of the Tesla Powerwall+ is that it comes with a built-in inverter that inverts, or changes, the DC power that the solar panel provides to 120-volt AC power, which powers the house.

The benefits of a Tesla Powerwall installation

Convenient backup power solution in case of a power outage

One of the main benefits of the Tesla Powerwall is its backup protection. When the rest of the community is without power, the home with a battery backup system (running on backup mode) will maintain power like normal.

Continuous power output from rechargeable battery

The Powerwall+ produces 5.8 kW of continuous power. This battery stores energy for later use. or it can be used to offset the high price of electricity during peak hours with the time-based control mode.

Comes with 10-year warranty coverage

The Tesla Powerwall battery comes with a 10-year warranty. It also comes with a four-year workmanship warranty. Tesla Energy warrants that the Tesla Powerwall battery system will be operational for 10 years. When first installed, the battery will be able to produce 100% capacity. At the 10-year mark, the battery will still be able to provide 70% of its original capacity.

Establishes energy independence

Solar energy production provides sustainable energy from the sun without polluting the atmosphere — unlike burning fossil fuels such as coal. A renewable energy source, such as solar power, can help make a residence or an entire community more energy independent.

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On a national or state level, renewable energy can help reduce dependence on imports like fossil fuels. With the Tesla Powerwall, the energy stored by day from the sun is used at night, effectively doubling solar power generation and helping to achieve energy independence.

Are you ready to make the move to clean energy?

Solar panel systems are a clean energy alternative to using the local power grid, which may be burning fuels such as coal, polluting the Earth. Using renewable, clean energy such as solar power can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Additionally, solar power systems, especially ones with energy storage systems, can save a homeowner money in the long run. Along with the federal tax credit, a solar power system — especially with a battery such as the Tesla Powerwall — can be a wise financial investment and an environmentally-friendly choice, leading to energy independence. So, look into purchasing Tesla Powerwall and Powerpacks today.

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