You have Questions.
Power Wizard has Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions for Power Wizard:

Do I need to choose a plan?

No.  Power Wizard does all the work for you.  We research all the plans we find in the marketplace and we find the best one for you.  When we find it, we go ahead and enroll you with the supplier to make sure you get the plan we found.

How did you calculate my savings?

The Power Wizard Savings Calculator is a proprietary forecasting tool that’s free to use that creates a 12-month electricity usage forecast for your home.  Based on that forecast, the Savings Calculator will match your usage to the best rates available on that day in the marketplace to calculate an estimated “best” annual cost.  We compare that annual cost to what you are currently paying for electricity to calculate your estimated annual savings.

The Calculate Savings tool provides an excellent directional estimate of your cost.  Once you sign-up with Power Wizard we will be able to do even better by accessing your actual usage so our forecasting and savings estimates become significantly more accurate.

How long does it take to subscribe and what do I need?

Signing up for Power Wizard is easy.  It only takes about 7 minutes and all you need is a recent electric bill to get the information we need to start shopping for a great electricity plan for you.

How long is my subscription to Power Wizard?

Power Wizard offers an annual 12-month subscription as well as a monthly subscription.  The annual subscription is based on a one-time charge of $86 that represents 10% discount compared to the $8 per month monthly subscription.  You pick the one that works best for you.

How often will my energy plan change?

Power Wizard typically signs customers to 12-month electricity supply contracts with suppliers under most market conditions.  In some cases, we may sign customers up to a 6-month contract if our assessment determines it to be an excellent value to our customers.

In rare cases we may recommend you switch your plan during the term of your current contract that will cause Early Termination Fee (ETF) from your current supplier.  If we make this recommendation, we will include the amount of the ETF as part of our overall savings recommendation so you can weigh the total value of our new recommendation before switching.

What does the Power Wizard My Account page give me access to?

Your personal Power Wizard dashboard is your “Go To” place for all data related to your electricity service as well as your Power Wizard subscription.  Your dashboard will provide you up-to-date information on your current plan and rate, your usage and of course your savings.  It also provides a handy location to keep all of your profile information up-to-date as well as access to important information promotions from Power Wizard such as our Refer-A-Friend program

What happens to my current energy plan after I subscribe to Power Wizard?

When Power Wizard enrolls you with your new electricity supplier, your current supplier contract will automatically end so there will be a seamless switch to your new supplier.  So you do not have to do a thing.  Power Wizard handles the entire process so you don’t have to worry.

Why don’t I just search energy providers and find a better plan myself?

Power Wizard takes the hard work out of shopping for electricity. With so many electricity plans available, it is almost impossible for anyone to find the best electricity plan for their unique situation. Power Wizard’s artificial intelligence is designed to scan every available plan, taking into account the plan details such as rate and any other hidden fees to find the best plan for your home’s unique electricity use profile.

Power Wizard does the “Apples-to-Apples” comparison of rate plans before selecting one for you.  Other electricity rate comparison sites only do half the job.  They show you offers from suppliers but they don’t give you a sense of what the real “effective” rate will be for your home.