Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

Green Energy Exchange Texas: About, Rates, Locations, Customer Service, and More

Did you know that Green Energy Exchange is one of 130+ Retail Electric Providers in Texas? That’s too many providers for you to research on your own! 

We get it. You feel like you have to choose between saving time and finding the lowest rate on electricity. 

But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if – like a chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve – you could have the best of both worlds?

Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool gives you a chance to find the lowest electricity rate while saving you time. 

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.


If our Shopping Tool pairs you with Green Energy Exchange, this guide will share what you need to know about them and what types of electricity plans they offer.

What is Green Energy Exchange?

Green Energy Exchange is a retail electric provider (REP) serving deregulated areas of Texas since 2019. They also go by the name ATG Energy, Green Direct, and Texas Power Outlet.

There are 130+ REPs in Texas competing for your business. Each REP offers its own unique electricity plans and corresponding rates.

Among the sea of electricity options, Green Energy Exchange might have a great plan for you.

At least, that’s what Jenny thought:

Jenny didn’t want to worry about comparing all the hundreds, if not thousands of electricity plans in her area of Texas.

She heard about Green Energy Exchange, looked them up, made a call and signed up for an electricity plan with them.

Did Jenny get the best deal for her electricity needs? Maybe… or maybe not.

The only way to know that Green Energy Exchange is what you’re looking for in an energy provider is to compare it to all other available companies in your area of Texas.

Keep reading to learn more.

Happy family on bed. Green Energy Exchange

What Makes Green Energy Exchange Different Than All the Other REPs?

Green Energy Exchange strives to make green energy in higher demand by making it affordable.

They’re fairly new to the Texas green energy market —but their founder has 23 years of experience with wind and other green energy resources.

Green Energy Exchange is also different for these reasons:

  1. They offer a 12-month, fixed-rate solar plan for customers with solar panels.
  2. All of their plans in Texas are 100% renewable.
  3. Their residential energy plans accommodate apartments, mid-size homes, and large homes.

This might all sound great…

But you’ll want to dig a little deeper to learn about the different perks included in each plan. Those perks might be a good fit for your energy needs.

Or there might be a better deal out there for you with a different provider.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

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How To Switch Electric Companies In Texas?

Since most of Texas has deregulated electricity, you get to choose which electric provider you want.

You can choose to go with Green Energy Exchange, or you could choose a different REP entirely.

But if you already have an electricity plan with another company, how do you switch to a different provider?

You could do the whole process on your own, which might include:

With hidden fees, services possibly overlapping, and maybe even waiting on hold during those phone calls, the process of switching electricity companies on your own can be a headache.

But don’t worry. There’s an easier way.

Let Power Wizard do the switching for you.

Our unbiased algorithm can find which electricity plan fits your energy needs.

We’ll take care of setting up the new plan with your new REP —as well as canceling your current plan.

We even take into account any cancellation fees you may incur. We want to make sure the switch can save you the most money possible.

How To Find The Best Electricity Plan In Texas

When searching for the “best” electricity plan in your area of Texas, remember this:

What’s “best” for you can be quite different from the “best” for someone else.

For example…

Allen and Glenn are neighbors living across the street from each other.

Their homes were built with the same design in the same year. Both homes are relatively energy-efficient.

However, you should know that Allen:

This is quite different from Glenn who:

Will the “best” electricity plan for Allen also make sense for Glenn? Probably not.

Whether you know much about the Texas electricity market or not, it can be hard to track down the plan that fits your energy needs and lifestyle the best.

You could spend hours or even days comparing all the energy providers in your Texas zip code. You’d need to understand technical jargon when reading each individual contract.

After finally deciding on an electricity plan, how do you know for sure that it’s the best one for your energy needs?

In short, you don’t.

You can let Power Wizard do all that work for you in a matter of five minutes or less.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

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Here’s what that process might look like:

Step 1: Enter Your Unique Information Into Our Shopping Tool

In order to narrow the sea of plans down to the best one for you, we’ll have you enter a few pieces of information into our Shopping Tool, such as:

Step 2: Let Power Wizard Find The Best Electricity Plan For You

Then, our unbiased algorithm searches through each available electricity plan within your zip code.

Based on your unique data from Step 1, we can find the plan that best suits your energy needs in less than five minutes. That plan might be from Green Energy Exchange, or a different REP could have the plan that you need.

Lights on string in jar. Green Energy Exchange

Green Energy Exchange Rates

Green Energy Exchange offers specific rates that are unique to the company. You might find another REP with the “same” or “similar rate,” but what you pay in the end could be different.

For example, let’s look at a plan from Green Energy Exchange…

Their Texas Green Autopay 12 electricity plan has a rate of 9.3 cents per kWh. You might come across another electric provider offering 9.3 cents/kWh for one of their plans as well.

But are the plan requirements the same? What about its perks or benefits?

Go by the electricity plan as a whole, not just the rate per kWh. How you use electricity AND which rate plan you choose will both determine how much you pay each month.

Think you’re already prepared to choose an electricity rate from Green Energy Exchange?

You could go straight to their website and purchase a plan. People do that, right?

But hold on.

You could end up spending too much for electricity that way. To ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, use Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool.


Our algorithm is 100% unbiased. We can search through all of the electricity rates from Green Energy Exchange, as well as the other REPs in your zip code.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

Learn More in Under 2 Mins

Our system considers all your unique information as previously mentioned. These factors aren’t considered when purchasing directly from Green Energy Exchange or another REP’s website.

Green Energy Exchange Reviews

In addition to searching for the best electricity plan, you’re also pursuing excellent customer service.

Current customers can offer prime insight into real-life experiences with a company’s customer service.

How do you tap into these insights?

That’s easy. Read online reviews of the company.

These reviews can help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should become a Green Energy Exchange customer.

But keep in mind:

There are three main groups of people when rating a company:

So, read reviews with caution. One person’s experience probably doesn’t encompass the customer service of a company completely.

Here are some places to check out reviews of Green Energy Exchange:

Green Energy Exchange Plans

All electricity plans from Green Energy Exchange are for 100% renewable energy.

There are four fixed-rate residential plans to choose from: Texas Green Autopay 12, 18, 24, and Solar Home (for those with solar panels).

A fixed-rate means you pay a fixed energy price for each kilowatt-hour you use.

Having a fixed rate is nice when the wholesale price of renewable energy goes up. You won’t have to pay more during the price spike.

But, if the wholesale price drops below your fixed rate, you can be stuck paying a premium rate for your energy.

So consider this:

If a fixed rate for renewable energy doesn’t sound like the best option for you, then Green Energy Exchange might not be the right REP for your energy needs.

What’s the best way to know for sure?

Plug your zip code and a little information about your home into our Shopping Tool. Our system can search through all types of plans, not just fixed-rate plans.

We can find an electricity plan that fits your energy needs and lifestyle in a matter of minutes.

Green Energy Exchange Business Plans

Green Energy Exchange also offers renewable energy to businesses.

A commercial plan will have slightly different rates and benefits than residential plans.


A place of business has different electricity needs than a home or apartment. One big difference is the time of day in which a commercial space uses electricity the most.

When shopping for electricity for your business, you’ll want to consider:

These factors can help determine what type of electricity plan will save you the most. Before jumping on the green energy bandwagon, use Power Wizard’s unbiased algorithm to see your best option.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

Learn More in Under 2 Mins
Happy family indoors. Green Energy Exchange

Green Energy Exchange Customer Service

Maybe you’re already a Green Energy Exchange customer. Or maybe you’d like to become a new customer.

Wherever you fit into those two categories, you can contact Green Energy Exchange through their customer service line: 1-800-791-8494.

You can call for questions about your electricity bill, to report an outage, or any other service-related issues that arise. Calls are received during regular business hours of M-F 8 am – 5 pm CST.

You can also chat with a customer service representative online or send them an email with your questions or concerns.

Green Energy Exchange Pay Bill

Green Energy Exchange offers four ways to pay your energy bill:

  1. Pay online. You can use the My Account login portal to sign in and make a payment on your electricity bill.
  2. Pay by phone. You can call the number mentioned above to give them your credit or debit card number over the phone for your payment.
  3. Pay by mail. You can send a payment in the mail. Be sure to include your account number when using this method.
  4. Autopay. If you’d like to set up Autopay, you’ll need to go to your My Account login and take the steps to set it up online.

These options give you a bit of freedom as the consumer. You can choose the method that’s most convenient for you so you never miss a payment.

Green Energy Exchange Locations

Green Energy Exchange services many cities in Texas. This includes Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, and other areas in the state.


Maybe you live in Dallas and are paying a premium for your electricity. You want to switch electric providers, and you’ve thought about Green Energy Exchange.

You can get a fixed-rate renewable energy plan for 12 months in Dallas for as low as 8.9 cents per kWh.

But what you pay isn’t determined by price per kWh alone.

So ask yourself these questions:

Before jumping into an energy plan, use Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool to ensure the type of plan and rate fit your lifestyle and budget.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

Learn More in Under 2 Mins


Green Energy Exchange provides energy service to Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

If you’re in Houston and considering Green Energy Exchange for your electricity needs, think about this:

Jerry lives in a studio apartment in downtown Houston. Meanwhile, Lisa lives in a mid-size home just outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

Jerry works third shift at the hospital, so he’s home during normal business hours most days. Lisa works in an office during the day and is home most nights.

Both have an electricity plan from Green Energy Exchange that provides free nights and weekends. But does Jerry really benefit from that plan the way Lisa does?

Definitely not.

The best electricity plan for one person will likely be different than the best for another.

Before purchasing an energy plan that won’t end up fitting your lifestyle, use our Shopping Tool. We can ensure you sign up for a plan that matches your energy needs.

Corpus Christi

If you live in Corpus Christi or are planning to move there, you might find an energy plan with Green Energy Exchange that you like.

But what if the plan only sounds good at first?

For example…

You aren’t sure how long you’ll be living in the area, so you sign a 12-month contract with a fixed rate.

The 12 months come and go, and all of a sudden your electricity bill seems way higher than before.

It turns out Green Energy Exchange changes you to a variable-rate plan automatically after your contract term has ended.

This means your rate changes (sometimes daily) based on current wholesale electricity prices.

That’s not what you signed up for.

Do you still want to sign a 12-month contract, but don’t want the headache of a variable-rate plan after the first year?

We understand.

Here at Power Wizard, our 100% unbiased algorithm can find you the plan that makes the most sense for your energy needs and future plans. We can make sure you know all stipulations of the contract before you sign —that includes what can happen after the contract term has ended.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

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