Imagine a world with net zero carbon emissions

Whether it’s running your air conditioner or doing laundry, household activities generate enormous amounts of carbon. Our emissions warm the planet, impacting everything from sea levels to food production.

Fortunately, we have the power to fight climate change by offsetting our personal carbon footprint. Begin your journey to net-zero living by measuring your CO2, emissions with Power Wizard’s carbon footprint calculator.

Calculate your footprint in seconds!

Offset your carbon emissions in three easy steps

With Power Wizard, it’s easy and affordable to directly offset the environmental impact of our daily activities.

Balance your carbon emissions for a cleaner planet

Going carbon neutral means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere by our personal activities is balanced by supporting initiatives that remove or avoid the production of carbon dioxide in equivalent amounts. Power Wizard provides the opportunity to support renewable projects that enable you to achieve net zero carbon emissions.


World changing projects supported by you

With Power Wizard, it’s easy and affordable to directly offset the environmental impact of our daily activities. By subscribing to our carbon-offset plans, you directly fund renewable projects that address climate change. Such projects include wind, solar, reforestation, and landfill-gas capture, and are independently verified by the world’s leading third-party accreditation organizations to ensure transparency and CO2 reduction.

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The average US household produces 7.5 tons of CO2 equivalents per year. To offsets these emissions, you would need:

* Comparisons based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

Saving the planet, one story at a time

Five Most Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get to choose my own Plan?

No! That’s why we’re here. Power Wizard’s technology reviews and compares 100s of electricity plans within seconds to select the best one for you. Once we’ve found your new plan, we take care of the enrollment on your behalf.

Some electricity providers change their rates and plans daily, and many enticing plans aren’t as great as they appear. By allowing Power Wizard to choose your plan, we are able to act quickly before the plan we found vanishes! Rest assured we’ve looked at all the fine print before enrolling you onto your new plan.

If we select a plan with an electricity provider you’re not happy with, let us know within 24 hours as we may be able to make a change to the provider we have selected.

Does the estimate savings you show include TDU delivery charges?

It sure does! All TDU delivery charges as well as other plan fees are already included in the estimate. The estimated savings does not include taxes

Are you an electricity provider or a comparison site?

Power Wizard is neither. Our number one priority is you, our member!

We are more like a concierge service that works on your behalf to compare 100s of electricity plans before we select your plan and enroll you onto the best one we find. We do not collect commissions from any electricity providers when we place you into a plan with them. We are paid only by our members with one goal in mind no matter who the provider is – to make sure you are always on the best possible plan, for you.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we offer so much more!

To start with, our monthly membership cost is lower. Once we’ve selected the best plan for you and enrolled you with your new provider, we don’t stop there. We continuously monitor the market to ensure you’re always on the best plan.

How do you know we do this? We send you an email each month to let you know whether or not you’re still on the best plan. If we find you a plan that we estimate could save you over $100 annually, taking into account your Early Termination Fee, we will notify you and give you the option to switch. We will of course handle the switch for you!

We also send you a savings report each month to let you know just how much you’re saving with Power Wizard. Plus when it’s time for your plan renewal, we manage that too!

Can I cancel my membership if I'm not happy?

Yes, simply call us to cancel so we can verify and provide guidance on what happens next.

The electricity plan we chose for you will still be in effect. You won’t lose power if you leave us!

However, keep in mind that by cancelling your membership we will no longer be able to monitor the market for you, send you savings reports, or handle your renewal when your contract expires.

Part of our service includes making sure you avoid those outrageous month-to-month electricity rates you could automatically roll onto when your current contract expires. Before you know it, your electricity rate could double! Not with Power Wizard.

Since we know when your current contract ends, we are already on the hunt to find you your next great plan. We’ll handle that enrollment, too. Just set it, and forget it!

What length of term plans are you choosing for me?

It depends on what rates the current market is offering.

Electricity contract term lengths vary and can be as short as 3 months or as long as 3 years. Most often the contract terms we select are between 6 and 12 months. We may also enroll you into a 24- to 36-month plan if this plan is showing to be the lowest rate at that moment in time, and too good to be left alone!

If you’re concerned about moving out of your home before your contract term expires, there’s no need to be. You can often transfer your current electricity plan to your new address. Early termination fees do not apply when you move out of your home to a new address. We do, however, need you to call us so we can handle the process on your behalf.