What Our Members Are Saying

Our members are awesome! (And they think we’re okay, too.)


René Z.

Houston, TX

"Great savings and worry free for me....simplified a decision process that always left me questioning if I was really getting a good deal....I am finally not left questioning!!!! I AM getting a GREAT DEAL..... the proof is in the savings each month. Thank you!"


Kelli S.

Richmond, TX

"Billy was very professional, fully explained how the membership & their services work. I always pick the longest terms possible because I absolutely hate having to research online for an average of 3-4 hours every renewal trying to find the right plan. It takes so much time because the provider will offer a really low rate, but in small print, a super high energy charge/rate per kWh. It is like playing tic-tac-toe by yourself...there is never a winner & horribly frustrating. Did not know about this service, came upon it online in my 5th hour of research today (for my upcoming renewal)...Ugh!! I will happily pay for this very inexpensive membership to save my time & sanity! Seriously brilliant idea, & thank you!! UPDATE: Power Wizard got me a plan at 7.4 cents at 2000 kWh & an energy charge/rate of 2.7 cents kWh, AMAZING!!! The lowest I was able to find in my 5 hours of research was 7.6 cents at 2000 kwh, but an energy charge/rate of 13.2 cents per kWh & a $9.95 base monthly rate. THANK YOU Power Wizard!!!"


Jenny M.

Pearland, TX

"You told me that you would handle looking for the best rates and I feel like you are doing just that. My electricity bill is a lot lower than it was. Thanks!"


Joe C.

Damon, TX

"One thing is that I was concerned about the recent spike in utility bills that didn't happen with your company and as promised, my recent bill was lower than average. Thanks !"


Rebecca L.

Pearland, TX

"They have the right plan and a low rate I thank God for them I have saved a lot of money using y'all and I thank you for everything"


Ashley H.

El Lago, TX

"The days of “shopping rates” for the best deals on electricity providers on countless websites like PowerToChoose.org, etc. are OVER! I’m not one to shy away from doing my own homework, finding the best deals, etc. - however, life has been far more chaotic lately on the home front... so having a service such as Power Wizard come along was a breath of fresh air. They waived my first year membership fee, and found me a stellar deal with our new electric provider, handled the switching of companies in a seamless transition, got us a crazy low per kWh agreement, and made sure it was specifically catered to our specific needs based on our previous 12 months of usage on our previous bills. With very little effort on our end, they handled everything from start to finish for us... this is a company and service we highly recommend. The membership fee will pay for itself tenfold next year. We absolutely see value in this service, this company, and the entire process. Your team is truly made up of competent professionals who KNOW how valuable true service is to customers in your market. Bravo!"