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How Can I Tell Which Electricity Plan is Right for Me?

By Adam Newton

What Your Neighbor Doesn’t Know About Your Electricity Profile Can Cost You

We’ve all done it before, though it probably had nothing to do with an electricity plan. It’s one of those “You’ve become an adult!” moments you see captured in cheesy comedies, and it comes when you least expect it.

Let’s set the stage:

You’re at a backyard barbecue with some neighbors you know, but you’re not really friends. After the normal topics of conversation have been exhausted – weather, sports, kids – someone decides to talk about their electricity bill. How has it come to this? You thought you would become a more exciting grown-up!

The worst part is learning that one guy a few houses down the block has a much smaller electricity bill than everyone else. You’re furious that he got such a better deal than you! It took you weeks of searching electricity company websites and comparison site data to determine exactly the right electricity plan that would help you save money!

And now, this dude has become the life of the party, just dishing out free advice on how everyone else can outsmart the electricity companies to get a great rate. You’d be so mad at him if you weren’t so curious about how he’s saving more money than you with his electricity plan. So, after you get the name of his Texas electricity company and plan from him, you switch at your first opportunity and wait for the savings to roll in!

But they don’t. In fact, you’re paying more on this new plan than you were on the one you just switched away from! What’s happening?!

What happened is that your “electricity use profile” is very different than your neighbor’s.

What is an “Electricity Use Profile?”

Power Wizard defines this concept in terms of how much electricity you use and when you use it. This profile includes specific information on how your electricity usage varies depending upon the time, day, week, month, and even season. Since no one household or even person uses energy in the same way, it means each person’s individual electricity use profile is different and unique, just like a fingerprint.

Taking this idea to its next logical step, it means the great plan that helped your neighbor achieve the lowest summer electricity bill you’ve ever seen may be a terrible plan for you. That’s right – signing up for a plan that’s totally wrong for your profile can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Putting Your “Electricity Use Profile” to Pick the Right Electricity Plan

As you conduct research into determining which Texas electricity plan is right for you, you must take into account 3 crucial pieces of information:

  1. Your recent energy usage history
  2. Your family’s schedule
  3. How much you’re willing to change your “electricity use profile”

These details are essential, as they help you eliminate potential plans that would only cause your electricity bill to increase. For example,

  • Figure out on average how much electricity you use each month. Almost all electric bills will give you recent monthly usage.  That’s a great place to start.   This will give you a great sense of your how many kWh’s  you use
  • Some plans offer discounted rates based upon time of day and day of the week, but if your family’s activities (work, play, travel, etc.) don’t allow you to take advantage of those rates, you will never save.
  • If you can encourage your family to change their deep-set usage habits to take advantage of certain offers, then you should do so, but if you can’t (because change is hard), then some plans won’t help you.

Here comes the tough part. When you consider that Texas is home to over one hundred electricity providers who collectively offer thousands of plans on a regular basis, can any one person know exactly which electricity plan is right for them without some help?

Certainly! You just need to be willing to invest enough time and energy into understanding the detailed nuances of the Texas electricity market so you become almost an expert. That sounds simple, right?

Thankfully, there is a better way.

Welcome to Power Wizard – The Experts in Picking the Right Electricity Plan

Power Wizard is the only membership service that finds you the optimal Texas electricity plan based on your energy usage profile. We take a look at how you’re using energy, and then search through hundreds of plans on the market to find you the ideal one that suits your home and lifestyle. We pick the right electricity plan for you every time.

Power Wizard manages the entire transition from your old plan to your new one, and continues to monitor the market ensuring you stay on the best plan.

By searching more companies and plans than all other competing comparison sites, our service takes care of all the searching, scouring, seeking, combing, comparing, and contrasting for you. This way, you can always be assured you are getting the right plan that ensures you no longer overpay for electricity.

Think of it this way – with your new personal energy expert at your beck and call, you’ll be the person with the bragging rights who’s passing out electricity plan advice at the next neighborhood cookout.

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