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The Best Energy-Efficient Products for Your Home

By Tiffany Reynolds

Becoming more energy-efficient at home is not just about cutting back on energy use, though that’s an essential element. Energy efficiency is also about maximizing how you use energy within different spaces. It should be your top concern, whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or searching for ways to revamp your existing abode. Power Wizard helps your efforts at achieving energy efficiency by ensuring you’re paying optimal rates for your energy.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

What Do We Mean When We Say Energy-Efficient Products?

Energy efficiency is about consuming less energy to get the same output. The average home offers multiple opportunities for cutting down on basic daily energy consumption. Switching out incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient types like light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs can  reduce energy usage for lightning by up to 90%, for example.

Purchasing energy-efficient products  saves you money in the short and long term by shaving small amounts off your energy bill each month. Many people are surprised by how much more money they’ve held onto when they add up their savings at the end of the year.

In addition, energy efficiency reduces the amount of energy we need to generate from coal and other fossil fuels. That helps cut down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions. They’ve proven to be detrimental to the natural environment and contribute significantly to climate change.

That’s where smart technology like  Power Wizard comes in handy. It aids consumers in getting the most out of their efforts at energy efficiency. Find out which providers are taking advantage of you and ensure you don’t pay more than you should.

The Argument for Improvements in Energy Efficiency

Some argue that it takes more than changing the light bulbs used in your home to make a significant impact. However, embracing an energy-efficient mindset means you’re doing your part to reduce waste and pollution. The contributions of many have already had an effect. Although the U.S. has seen significant economic growth over the past 20 years, the country has kept its energy consumption  relatively stable since 2000.

In addition to what we do as individuals,  energy efficiency helps the U.S. reduce its dependence on foreign countries for energy imports. We can also make our economy more efficient in industries like construction and transportation. Our focus is on improvements within the home. However, let’s take a moment to look at the widespread impact of energy efficiency:

  • Changes in building design: Many building designers are changing how they approach the construction of new projects by incorporating renewable energy technology. They aim to create spaces with no need for additional sources of energy. Many incorporate items like energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances.
  • Cast-off or waste energy: Combined heat and power systems contribute to energy efficiency by using excess heat generated from power plants to heat and cool other buildings in the area. Smart grids are another way many cities and states distribute energy for consumption.
  • Energy-efficient vehicles: Many consumers have embraced the development of energy-efficient cars that don’t rely on petroleum-based fuels to run. They’re made from lighter materials and have smaller wheels that produce less resistance, making the vehicle more energy-efficient.

The more we all embrace energy efficiency at home and elsewhere, the bigger the positive impact will be on the world around us. It allows us to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions, reducing climate pollution. In addition, we don’t have to build constructs like hydroelectric dams, which affect the migration patterns of salmon. Less energy used means less pressure placed on existing power grids.

Another way you can do your part to cut down on the amount of energy your home uses is to keep up with the rates charged by your provider. Power Wizard helps you find the best energy deals in your area and compares the rates charged by different energy plans.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

Must-Have Products for Reducing Energy Costs

Now that you understand the importance of energy efficiency, let’s look at different products you can use throughout your home to cut down on your overall energy consumption. Energy-efficient devices and Power Wizard’s service can keep you from overpaying for electricity.

Smart Thermostats

Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats automatically adjust your home’s cooling and heating settings. That ensures optimal performance for your cooling and heating equipment. One of the benefits of smart thermostats is that they learn your personal temperature preferences. Then they develop a schedule that helps maximize your ability to achieve energy-efficient temperatures when you’re away from home.

In addition, smart thermostats come with geofencing capabilities that help them learn when you typically arrive at home. That way, they can adjust the temperature to where you want it when you arrive at your house.

LED Light Bulbs

Making the switch to energy-efficient light bulbs allows you to provide the same amount of light to your home while lowering your energy bills. For those still clinging to incandescent light bulbs, that’s something to think about.

It’s possible to find  LED bulbs in various wattages as replacements for old light bulbs around your home. You can also use energy-efficient bulbs within track lights, recessed fixtures, and outdoor lights.

Advanced Power Strips

Most people don’t think about the amount of energy used by idle appliances. Although you may turn your TVs off when you leave the house, they’re still drawing electricity if they remain plugged into the wall. The same applies to gaming systems, phone chargers, and even your new blender.

One of the easiest ways to reduce these so-called vampire loads is to incorporate  advanced power strips (APS) into your home. They resemble surge protectors by ensuring that all connected devices get shut off simultaneously. So when you switch off your TV, you can also ensure that your desktop computer goes off and doesn’t continue sucking up energy. In addition, APS devices can save you up to $200 per year in energy costs.

High-Efficiency Washers

High-efficiency washers differ from traditional washers in that they have no central agitator, and they use less water. By using less water, high-efficiency washers don’t have to work as hard at heating water, which means less energy usage. Instead of a central agitator, the machines rely on a tumbling system to move clothes.

Because there’s no agitator, high-efficiency washers cause less wear and tear on laundry. There’s also less pulling and stretching, which can otherwise ruin the shape of your clothing.

What Would Be Considered Energy-Efficient?

Products bearing the Energy Star symbol have been tested and judged to meet the energy-efficiency standards set by the U.S. government. It’s a way to help consumers identify products that are deemed to be energy-efficient and designed to positively impact the environment. By using products containing the Energy Star label, U.S. residents managed to save  $39 billion in energy costs in 2019.

The Energy Star symbol is typically found on the EnergyGuide label placed on products by manufacturers as required by law. It’s a bright yellow label with black lettering that outlines how much you can save per year on energy costs by using the appliance. Be careful about buying any appliance without the label.

How to Start Reducing Your Energy Consumption Today

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re not overpaying for electricity. Power Wizard allows you to view the best available energy rates in a side-by-side comparison. Once you make your selection, you can maximize your savings by investing in energy-efficient products throughout your home. It’s possible to save money and ensure that you’re doing what you can to protect the future of the planet.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.


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