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New Electric Companies In Texas

By Payal B

Have you ever started something and then realized the task is much bigger than you thought?

That’s what’s about to happen as you find out how hard it is to find the best electricity company in Texas. 

With dozens of different providers, each with their own plans, fees, and marketing ploys, you’ll spend hours doing research and then probably just settle on whatever company seems like a safe bet. But how can you know if there’s a better rate out there?

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Then, if you still want to learn more about finding a new electric company in Texas, you can come back here to learn all about that.

After all, a new electric company might have things your current one doesn’t. For example, they might:

  • Have better deals
  • Have better customer service
  • Be more transparent when it comes to fees

This guide will tell you all that you need to know about new electric companies in Texas and how to choose the best one to fit your family’s needs.

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Why Are There So Many Electric Companies in Texas?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why there are so many electric companies in Texas?

Do you know why you have a choice when selecting an electric company?

If you are new to the state of Texas, this may be a novel idea.

The option to choose which electric company provides your electricity is not available in every state.

The reason that you have the right to choose is because of something called deregulation.

Deregulation Paved the Way for New Electric Companies in Texas

Deregulation of the electricity markets in Texas was approved on January 1st, 2002.

As a result, 85% of Texas residents were granted the right to choose their retail electric provider (REP).

You, as a consumer, can choose from a list of a variety of providers in competition for your service.

The goal of deregulation was actually to create a sense of competition so that rates would always remain competitive and reasonable for the consumer.

Deregulation is why moving to a new electric company in Texas is possible.

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Energy Companies in Texas

If you don’t mind taking the time to research each individual company in your area, you can find a complete list of Retail Electric Providers in Texas here.

There are more than a few inconveniences that could arise when conducting a manual search, like:

  • Time spent with a manual search
  • Gathering of data
  • Compiling comparison charts
  • Providing your information to multiple REP websites

The Dozens of Electric Carriers in Texas Give Many Consumers the Freedom to Choose

You have the freedom to choose:

  • Your cable provider
  • Your cell phone provider

Now, you have the freedom to choose new electric companies in Texas.

Since 2002, approximately 85% of commercial and industrial consumers have switched power providers at least once.

This is because there has been a shopping market created by pitting REPs against each other to provide you with the best service.

The goal of this market was to drive down electricity service prices for you, the consumer.

REPs even offer a variety of plans to choose from so that you can have your electricity service on your terms.

With this option to choose your new electric company, you must make sure to look over the terms of your contract.

Breaking your contract could result in hefty fines if you aren’t careful.

A List of Some of the New Electric Companies in Texas

This market of competition or deregulation of the Texas electricity market has made it so that there is new REP popping up every day.

This is great for a savvy shopper like you who wants to make sure that you find the best plan possible for your family and for your budget.

New Electric Company #1: 174 Power Global

174 Power Global is one of the newest REPs on the block.

They have locations in the Houston area but are headquartered in California.

174 Power Global serves a number of areas in Texas and offers rates and plans based on your zip code.

Power Global is known for:

  • Making solar power more affordable without the use of panels
  • Having prices that are comparable to other local REPs
  • Offering renewable energy sources to supply power to your home
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174 Power Global–founded in 2019.

New Electric Company #2: American Powernet

American Powernet, also known as Penstar Power, is a fairly new electric company in Texas.

They have multiple locations and serve a number of areas in Texas, and rates are based on your plan and location.

American Powernet is unique in the fact that they offer both retail and wholesale electricity.

American Powernet–founded in 2014.

New Electric Company #3: ATG Clean

ATG is yet another recent player in the business of serving your electricity needs.

ATG provides electricity services for both homes and businesses.

They also go by the names Green Energy Exchange and Texas Power Outlet.

ATG serves multiple areas in Texas, and rates are based on your location.

ATG Clean–founded in 2019.

New Electric Company #4: Axon Power

Axon Power is also a new electric company in the state of Texas.

Axon Power offers its service to both residential and commercial customers.

They serve customers throughout the state of Texas and offer a variety of plans.

Your rates are based on the plan you choose as well as your location.

Axon Power–founded in 2014.

New Electric Company #5: Bounce Energy

Bounce Energy is a new REP that is known for its great selection of plans for you to choose from.

Bounce Energy offers the following electricity plans:

  • Nights and Weekends Free Plans
  • Renewable Energy Plans
  • Home Protection Plans
  • And more

Your monthly bill is determined by your location and the plan that you choose.

Bounce Energy was purchased by Direct Energy back in 2013.

They continue to operate guided by the Direct Energy brand.

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New Electric Company #6: Bulb US

Bulb US is another newcomer to the electricity market.

They are unique in the fact that they offer just one plan and one rate.

That rate can fluctuate based on market conditions.

They also offer one 100% renewable energy plan.

Bulb US is available to residents throughout Texas.

Bulb US–founded in 2019.

New Electric Company #7: Chariot Energy

Chariot Energy is another electric company that services various areas in the state of Texas.

Chariot Energy is known for offering clean energy to both commercial and residential customers.

They also claim to remain consistent with keeping rates affordable.

They can offer you the following:

  • Affordable solar power without the use of solar panels
  • Consistent competitive pricing
  • Renewable energy plans

Chariot Energy has different contract term lengths and rates for every plan.

Chariot Energy–founded in 2019.

New Electric Company #8: Circular Energy

Circular Energy is an REP that serves most communities throughout Texas.

They offer various plans based on your location.

They offer both business and residential plan types, including fixed-rate plans.

Circular Energy is the company for the person who likes to know what they will be paying every month.

Circular Energy offers a fixed rate for residential customers for the length of your contract.

They also offer a fixed rate for commercial customers for up to five years.

Circular Energy–founded in 2013.

New Electric Company #9: Eligo Energy

Eligo Energy is a new electric company that is ready to serve the needs of Texas residents.

They offer their customers the following:

  • Pricing that matches your individual needs
  • Direct service from the company sans a middle-man
  • Quick and easy online application process
  • Dedicated customer support

Rates and plans are dependent on your location.

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Eligo Energy–founded in 2017.

New Electric Company #10: ENCOA

Encoa is a new REP in Texas that also goes by the names Term Power and Term Power & Gas.

They specialize in many different types of plans, including:

They service most of the areas in Texas, including Houston, Dallas, West Texas, and more.

Rates, plans, and packages vary depending on your location.

ENCOA–founded in 2011.


How to Know if a New Electric Company is the Right One for Me.

It is impossible to say which electric company is the “best” in Texas.

One REP might be the right choice for your neighbor two houses down, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

You want to find an electric company with a plan that fits your needs best, with a plan tailored to your usage and budget.

You want a plan that is one of a kind and a rate that won’t break the bank.Powerlines at evening - New Electric Companies In Texas

The perfect plan for you is a plan on your terms. You might not want to be subject to the terms of your neighbor’s contract.

You’ve already seen him make questionable decisions regarding his lawn!

First: Cheap is Not Always ‘Best’

After reading about some of the REPs available to you, you may be wondering, “What is the cheapest electricity company in Texas?”

Keep in mind that “cheap” doesn’t equal “best.”

Remember that the “best” electric plan is the plan that meets your unique energy needs.

Your neighbor may have a cheap plan, but is he stuck in a long-term contract?

Does his plan also include an early termination fee if he decides to break his contract?

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These are just some of the additional or hidden fees that you don’t see advertised with a “cheap” plan.

Many of the cheap plans you see only have a lower rate during a certain time of the day or week.

Second: Know Your Unique Electricity Needs

You and your family have your own unique electricity needs.

You can determine your specific needs by taking a look at a number of factors, including:

  • The size and age of your home
  • The number of people who live in your home
  • How much time do you spend in your home
  • Your technology use time
  • The source of energy you prefer (gas, electric, etc.,)

Make sure that you take the time to determine your needs before you purchase an electricity plan based on cost alone.

Third: Know the Type of Plan You Want

Now that you understand that the best plan is not the cheapest and you’ve identified what your family’s needs are, you’re ready to make your decision about a plan.

New electric companies in Texas are now offering many different plan types.

Some of the types of plans are:

  • Pre-paid
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Time-of-use
  • Free Nights and Weekends
  • Variable-rate
  • Fixed-rate
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Looking for the ‘Best’ New Electric Company in Texas For Your Household

Now that you know what you should consider when looking for new electric companies in Texas, your next step is to:

Research All Available Electric Companies In Your Area

Online research can be tedious but necessary.

You want to make sure that you conduct a thorough search of each company’s website to ensure that they are a good fit.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions online, then you should make a phone call to have your questions answered.

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You want to make sure you ask all the necessary questions that address your electricity plan needs.

You want to ask about rates, fees, contract terms, early termination fees, and finally, promotional incentives.

Gather Your Data for Comparison

Now is the time to put your spreadsheet skills to use.

You will need to use a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the information you’ve gathered about each company through your online research.

Your spreadsheet will help you compare the hundreds of companies you’ve researched.

You Might Spend Days or Weeks Doing This

In order to do this process any justice, you must be thorough.

It is tedious and very consuming work if you do it correctly.

If you aren’t typically a coffee drinker, I’d definitely consider thinking about it before you take on this daunting task.

This process could take you days to weeks to complete.

Choose a Plan, Enroll, and Continuously Monitor the Market

Once you have looked over your data and you have decided on your perfect plan, you will need to enroll.

You can do this directly with the new electric company in Texas that you choose.

However, your job is not done. You must monitor your usage and plan to determine if it continues to be a good fit.

Rates and plans change all of the time. The market is constantly fluctuating.

You want to make sure that you are mindful of being on a plan that’s not right for you and avoid a penalty.

You Can Save Yourself Time and Frustration in the Search for New Electric Companies in Texas: Power Wizard

Whether you’re looking for electric companies in Central Texas, South Texas, or anywhere else in the Lonestar State, the best option to save your time and your sanity is to use Power Wizard’s, Shopping Tool.

Research: Let Power Wizard Research All of Your Plan Options in Minutes

Using Power Wizard is simple and easy.

All you need to do to begin is enter a few pieces of important information, like:

  • The square footage of your home
  • The zip code where your house is located
  • The age of your home
  • Historical usage data
  • And any other information needed to personalize your plan

And in under five minutes, you will find the REP and plan best suited for your unique energy needs.

Compare: Power Wizard’s Algorithm Will Compare Your Options with Your Unique Electricity Usage

You literally have hundreds of available REPs to choose from.

Comparing those options on your own is exhausting.

Why not let Power Wizard search through hundreds of companies and thousands of plans to match your individualized electricity profile?

We search through every available plan in your zip code and let you know which one is the right fit for you and your family.

No plan will go unresearched.

Enrollment and Monitoring: Power Wizard Does it All

Here’s the best part:

Power Wizard makes it simple and easy to match you with a plan.

We will complete the signup process for you.

Think it can’t get any easier?

Power Wizard will continue to monitor your plan and switch your plan if a better match becomes available.

Power Wizard has you covered. What more do you need?

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