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Prepaid Light Companies Arlington TX

By powerwizard

Everybody loves saving money. Perhaps one strategy you’ve considered is switching to one of these 13 prepaid light companies in Arlington, TX?

However, how do you know which of these companies will actually offer you the best deals? Everyone’s electricity needs are different, so there’s no one size fits all. Perhaps prepaid isn’t even the best option for you?

With 130+ Providers, This Market Is Overwhelming!

Fortunately, you don’t have to shop alone. 

Power Wizard is here to end the headache that is shopping for electricity. Forget all the plans and all the providers and leave your electricity to the pros. We’ll find you a great plan in minutes so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy hassle-free power. 

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Today we’ll share some of the best-prepaid light companies available in Arlington and how to find the right one for you.

What Is A Prepaid Light Company?

Light companies in Arlington have different types of rates and plans. One type is a prepaid plan.

Prepaid lighting plans are electricity plans that you pay for in advance.

So, before you use energy in your home or business, you load your account with funds. As energy is used, the funds become depleted, and you have to replenish them.

There isn’t a typical billing cycle, and you can reload funds at any time. This might offer some flexibility that you might not have with other types of plans.

Keep in mind:

Prepaid lighting plans have several pros and cons, depending on your electricity usage. While this type of plan might work well for one person, it might be a costly mistake for someone else.

prepaid light companies Arlington TX

How A Prepaid Plan Works In Arlington

Setting up your prepaid plan in Arlington seems like a simple process. Just find the prepaid plan with the cheapest rate, and sign up.

The fact is, there are many lighting companies available in Arlington. You will have to spend hours researching and getting quotes for these plans.

There are several things that can be in the fine print of your contract you will want to be aware of as well. Here are a few.

Minimum Account Balance

Most prepaid plans have a minimum balance you must keep in your account at all times.

They might advertise that there is “no deposit” required, but the minimum balance almost serves as a deposit. This is something that is good to keep in mind when you’re trying to budget for your electricity bill.

If you allow your account to go under the minimum balance, you will probably incur a fee. These fees can put a dent in your monthly savings and can come as a shock if you weren’t expecting them.

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Monitoring Usage

Prepaid light companies don’t send you a monthly bill. This means you will need to keep track of your energy usage.

This might seem like an easy task, especially if the company has an app or website you can use to track it. However, monitoring your usage every week or every month can get tiresome.

If you forget to monitor your usage and you let your account get too low on funds, the light company can actually turn off your power.

A power outage can lead to many frustrations for you, including:

  • Loss of data from electronics
  • Food spoilage if your refrigerator is turned off
  • Time loss from trying to get the power turned back on
  • Fees from your light company for re-service
prepaid light companies Arlington TX

Why Choose A Prepaid Light Plan In Arlington, TX?

Everyone needs electricity in their home to power the lights and appliances. But not all light companies are created equal.

When you’re shopping for a plan, you come to a crossroads where you’re either going to save money with your contract or overpay.

Some people will benefit from a prepaid account, and others will not. Take Cindy, for example:

Cindy just moved to Arlington and hasn’t had time to shop for electricity plans in her area. She’s been busy getting moved into her new home and starting a new job.

She found a light company with a prepaid plan option, so she decided to sign up for the interim period before she could find something different.

Signing up was easy. She loaded her account, and the electricity was turned on in her home right away.

However, months went by, and Cindy continued to get busier and busier at work. She didn’t have time to re-evaluate her electricity plan, so she just funded her account every couple of weeks without monitoring it too closely.

A few times, Cindy was too busy to load her account, and she incurred several fees. The lighting company had raised her rate, too. She found herself paying double what she was originally paying every month.

While Cindy may have been a good candidate for a prepaid plan, in the beginning, she realized that she could benefit from a different type of plan.

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Here are some advantages and disadvantages of prepaid plans:

Advantages Of A Prepaid Plan

Many people find that a prepaid plan works well for them because of the following advantages.

Advantage #1:

The flexibility of paying your bill whenever you decide. You can wait for payday or when you have time. Create your own payment schedule.

Advantage #2:

Your prepaid light company might not ask you to sign a contract. It will probably be a month-to-month agreement that offers you more flexibility.

Advantage #3:

Usually, prepaid light companies don’t have cancellation fees when you switch.

Advantage #4:

If you’re on a tight budget, a prepaid plan could be beneficial because they don’t always require a deposit to get your electricity turned on.

Advantage #5:

Keep better track of your budget by paying ahead of time instead of getting stuck with a huge bill at the end of the month.

Advantage #6:

Keep better track of your energy usage and be more aware of how much electricity you’re consuming at home.

Disadvantages Of A Prepaid Plan

There are several disadvantages of a prepaid plan as well.

Disadvantage #1:

Some prepaid plans have an unusually high rate per kWh. You pay a premium for the flexibility of the plan.

Disadvantage #2:

Since you aren’t under contract, the light company can change your rate at any time.

When you first get signed up, you might have a low rate, but then in times of higher demand, they can raise your rate. Electricity rates usually go up in the summertime when people are using air conditioning and demand is high.

Disadvantage #3:

Most prepaid plans have a required minimum balance. So, even though there is no deposit per se, you still have to keep a certain amount in your account at all times. If you don’t keep track of this, you may incur a fee.

Disadvantage #4:

If you accidentally forget to load your account with funds, you might experience a power outage. If the light company shuts off your power, it could mean that you incur other expenses and fees.

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Disadvantage #5:

Keeping track of your energy usage and your account balance on a prepaid plan can be time-consuming. If you are a busy person, this might be burdensome for you to have to monitor your account constantly.

13 Prepaid Light Companies That Are Available In Arlington, TX?

Back in 2002, there was a law passed that deregulated the electricity market in many cities in Texas. Arlington was one of them.

Because of deregulationprivate companies were then able to enter the market and sell electricity on a retail level to consumers. Now, people in Arlington have many light companies that they can choose from.

These companies offer different types of rates to compete for your business. This includes prepaid plans.

Finding prepaid light companies is easy, but choosing the one with the best rate can be challenging.

That’s why we’re here.

Power Wizard can help you to choose your electricity company with ease. We’re like a personal shopper for electricity plans. Simply use our Shopping Tool to see how much we can save you each month on your bill.

Check out this list of a few of the prepaid lighting companies in Arlington.

Prepaid Light Company #1: Payless Power

Payless Power is one of the many electrical companies that services Arlington. Before choosing a lighting company for you, try Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool to see how much we can save you.

Prepaid Light Company #2: Quick Electricity

Choosing one energy company out of the hundreds of available providers can be daunting. Quick electricity could be the best one for you, but how can you know for sure?

Prepaid Light Company #3: Electricity One

Electricity One is a Retail Electric Provider that services Arlington. They might be the company with the best rates, but using Power Wizard can help you to be certain.

Prepaid Light Company #4: Pogo Energy

Is Pogo Energy the right lighting company for you? Without contacting every provider individually, you won’t know.

Let Power Wizard do the shopping for you. Our unbiased algorithm will show you exactly what plan has the best rate for your household.

Prepaid Light Company #5: First Choice Power

If you need a prepaid electricity plan, First Choice Power might be a good option.

Since all the electricity providers compete for your business, why not shop around for the best deal? Power Wizard can shop for you.

When you use our Shopping Tool, you can see how much we can save you on your bill.

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Prepaid Light Company #6: Yes Electricity

Yes, electricity might be the best company for your lighting and energy needs.

When you become a Power Wizard member, you won’t need to guess which REP has the best rate.

Prepaid Light Company #7: Vault Electricity

With so many REPs to choose from in Arlington, how do you know if Vault Electricity will save you the most money?

Prepaid Light Company #8: Penstar Power

Penstar Power might be the perfect energy company for you, but using Power Wizard will give you peace of mind that you got the best deal.

Prepaid Light Company #9: Save On Energy

Save On Energy is only one of the dozens of REPs in Arlington to choose from. They may or may not be the perfect fit for your electricity needs.

Prepaid Light Company #10: Amigo Energy

One of the light companies in Arlington is Amigo Energy. They offer competitive rates, but you’ll still want to shop around for the best rate for you.

Prepaid Light Company #11: TXU Energy

Another light company in Arlington is called TXU Energy. TXU might be the best electricity company for your household, but it’s important to get other rate quotes to be sure you make the best choice.

Prepaid Light Company #12: Hello Energy

Hello, Energy is a REP that services Arlington. But how will you know if their rate is the best one offered on the market?

Prepaid Light Company #13: VIP Energy Service

If you’re looking for electricity service in Arlington, VIP Energy might be the right company for you. You’ll want to shop around and make sure you’re familiar with all the rates offered before committing to one plan.

What Is The Best Prepaid Light Company in Arlington, TX?

It all depends on you.

Every household has a different energy footprint, and that is what determines the best plan and company to save you on your electricity bill.

In order to know for sure that you have found the best light company, try using Power Wizard. We offer technology that takes your personal energy footprint and matches it up with the right plan and company for you.

Our system is unbiased, so you know for sure that you got the best deal.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

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prepaid light companies Arlington TX

How To Find The Best Prepaid Light Companies In Arlington, TX

Finding the best-prepaid light company in Arlington can be daunting, as we’ve discussed.

There are essentially 2 ways to shop for electricity in Arlington: the hard way and the easy way.

Spend Days Researching And Comparing Prepaid Light Companies And All Of The Plans

Researching and comparing prepaid light companies will take some time. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to accomplish this:

  1. Find out which REPs service your neighborhood. Call them individually or go to their website.
  2. Research different plan types so you’re familiar with what you will need.
  3. You’ll want to also be familiar with averages in your area, as well as your own usage habits, to be able to match up with the right plan and company.
  4. Ask for rate quotes and compare them while keeping in mind the fine print of each contract and any fees that you might be responsible for.

As you can see, manually finding an electricity company in Arlington is a very long process.

If you are a busy person and don’t have this time to dedicate to shopping for electricity, consider Power Wizard.

Spend 5 Minutes (Or Less) Letting Power Wizard Do The Work For You

Because there are so many electricity plans available in Arlington, you should have a better option for finding the right one.

Power Wizard has created technology that allows you to scan the whole marketplace at one time in less than 5 minutes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your zip code into the Shopping Tool to find out how much we can save you every month on electricity.
  2. Once you become a Power Wizard member, we will handle your electricity plan from then on.
  3. Our system can make sure you’re always on the best plan. If you’re in a contract and a better rate becomes available, we will let you know and help you switch.
  4. We will keep track of your contract and monitor when it expires so you don’t get stuck paying a higher rate when it auto-renews.
  5. We will even set up auto-pay with your new light company, leaving you free to live your life and not have to think about your energy bill anymore.

How To Make Payments To Prepaid Light Companies In Arlington, TX

Making payments to your prepaid light company should be pretty simple. It depends on the company you choose, but most companies offer the same payment options.


If you prefer to pay your bill online, you can usually pay on the company’s website or use bill pay from your bank account.


Mailing a check is another way to pay for electricity. You will find that paying on your phone or computer is faster, and some companies may not offer a mail-in option for payment.


Depending on the company and where they are located, you might be able to pay for your bill in person at their office. This option might be the least convenient.

You’ll have to consider when the office is open and have to drive there to work with someone in person. Paying for electricity from your smartphone or on your computer would probably be recommended in this scenario.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

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