Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

Bounce Energy Texas: About, Rates, Locations, Customer Service, And More

Have you noticed your bill from Bounce Energy going up every month? Is your electric company’s rate waging war on your wallet?

Use Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool to defeat high energy bills once and for all!

No matter what company you’re with, Power Wizard’s tools will help you find the best plan for your home and budget.

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What Is Bounce Energy?

There are so many things to love about Texas…

  • The food
  • The history
  • Texas pride
  • The weather

…and as of January 2002…

  • the ability to choose what Retail Electric Provider you want to supply the electricity for your home

Due to something called deregulation, 85% of Texas power consumers can choose their electricity service from a variety of Retail Electric Providers.

One of those available REPs is Bounce Energy.

Now called Direct Energy, Bounce Energy is an electricity and natural gas provider.

Direct Energy acquired Bounce energy officially in 2013.

bounce energy light bulb

What Makes Bounce Energy Different Than All The Other REPs?

Bounce Energy is different from other Texas REPs for a number of reasons.

They provide insights customers can use to:

  • Make smarter decisions
  • Be more efficient
  • Reduce their energy use
  • Save money

Aside from these perks, they also have three main factors that separate them from competing REPs.

First, Bounce Energy provides more than just electricity.

They are one of North America’s largest competitive energy suppliers of electricity, and natural gas.

Second, they operate in 10 Canadian provinces, 46 states in the U.S., and the District of Columbia.

Over 6 million residential, business and services customers use Direct Energy for their electricity and natural gas, home energy services, and energy-efficient solutions every day.

Third, Bounce Energy believes in working for the greater good.

They are involved in charities and the community, and also have an environmental policy in place to reduce the environmental and ecological impacts on the planet.

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How To Change Electric Companies In Texas?

There are over 160 different REPs in Texas to choose from, including:

  • AmeriPower
  • Acacia Energy
  • Ambit Energy
  • Breeze Energy
  • Bounce Energy
  • Griddy Energy
  • Spark Energy
  • 4Change Energy
  • And many, many more

If you find yourself looking to change electric companies in Texas, or even searching for “How to cancel Bounce Energy,” don’t start tearing your hair out just yet.

Did you know that since 2002, approximately 85% of commercial and industrial consumers have switched power providers at least once?

So don’t worry, you aren’t alone in your search.

But—you do have two options when it comes to finding and changing electric companies in Texas.

Option 1: Spend days or even weeks calling and researching every REP in your area

  • Takes hours to search for every REP in your area
  • You have to compare every plan individually
  • Think of this as having a part-time job you aren’t being paid for

And you can’t even be 100% sure you are getting the best rate and plan for your situation.

Option 2: Use Power Wizard to help you compare electricity rates and enroll in a new plan in Texas

  • Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool will compare all of the plans available in your area and give you the best overall option
  • Takes less than five minutes
  • If we find a better rate plan for you, we let you know
  • If you want to switch, we’ll take care of that for you, too

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

How To Find The Best Electricity Plan In Texas

You’re looking for the best for your family. We understand.

But finding the “best” may not be quite so simple.

Since Texas has deregulated energy, your options are seemingly endless—and that can quickly feel overwhelming.

Energy is not one-size-fits-all, so the best type of plan for your family is likely not going to be the best plan for your friends, or even neighbors.

The answer to “how to find the best electricity plan in Texas” is simply to examine your unique situation.

Certain factors will help you to narrow down and eliminate plans that don’t fulfill your energy needs.

Think about the following:

  • What is the size and age of your home?
  • Do you have a ranch-style home?
  • Is your home a newer build?
  • How many stories does your home have?
  • When was your home built?
  • What type of lifestyle do you and your family live?
  • What kind of appliances does your home have?
  • What area of Texas do you live in?

Your answers to these questions will help guide you to the plan that will work best for you and your family.

But, because plans and rates change often, you’re going to need to compare electricity rates often.

Let Power Wizard do that work for you.

We are constantly comparing plans to make sure the one you have is the best possible fit.

And, if we find a better rate plan for you, we let you know.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

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bounce energy for families

Bounce Energy Rates

Knowing what types of plans are available can help you make an informed decision and save you money.

You start researching yourself and comparing rates and plans and quickly realize: with so many plans to choose from, how can you know which type is right for you?

Electricity rates are also constantly changing because of the wholesale prices of electricity in Texas.

The rates that you see today will likely not be the same as the rates that you will see even a few weeks from now, for a few reasons.

Many factors affect the Texas electricity market including:

  • The price of natural gas
  • Weather
  • Power plant outages

Because rates change so frequently, you may be tempted to look (or sign up) for the plan with the lowest price per kWh (kilowatt-hour) that you find.

But don’t! Here’s why:

Just because it’s the cheapest plan, or offers the best promotion, does not mean it is the best plan for you.

Bounce Energy offers its customers a variety of different electricity rates, depending on the plan, term length, bonus perks, and expected usage.

In order to find the best rate and plan possible for you and your family, a few key points to keep in mind are:

  • Knowing what’s included in the rate
  • Understanding what the total cost of a plan will be
  • Knowing the available term lengths associated with the plan
  • If any additional perks or bonuses are included with the plan or rate

Figuring these things out will help you get a better understanding of how a specific rate or plan will or won’t fit your situation.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

Knowing What Is Included In Your Rate

Electricity rates will usually be listed as cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh), the unit used to measure electricity consumption.

Curious about what your total energy cost currently is?

You can easily calculate your total energy cost by multiplying your usage by the rate.

Just check your past bills to see your historical usage.

Understanding the Total Cost

The total cost of a plan has many factors, including:

  • Your rate
  • Usage
  • Any fees charged by your electric company to deliver energy to your home

Any charges will be the same for all residents in that electric company’s service area.

This means your charges will depend on your specific Texas zip code and not on your energy usage.

Remember, even if one plan has a lower rate than another, your total monthly cost could end up being higher, depending on the plan.

Knowing Your Term Length

Consider what term length (how long your contract is with the REP) would fit best for your situation.

As you think it over, ask yourself:

  • Are you renting for a short period of time?
  • Would you prefer to keep the same electricity rate for a while?
  • Will this contract end before a peak usage season when electricity prices are higher?

Are There Any Added Plan Benefits?

Consider if a plan has any extra benefits, like:

  • Smart home products
  • Green energy
  • Free nights or weekends
  • Referral credits

Some plans include special rates or discounts for certain times of day, days of the week, or energy usage amounts.

Perks are great, but consider if they really add value to your lifestyle or if they just sound like a nice add-on.

Take Kerry for example:

Kerry lives in Houston, and her boyfriend, Peter, lives in Austin. They make their long-distance relationship work by commuting to see each other on weekends.

Kerry considered a plan with free nights and weekends and was intrigued at first.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about her usage during those times?

But then she thought about how often she is out of town, and while free nights would be nice, she realizes she uses the bulk of her energy usage in the morning when she…

  • Wakes up
  • Makes coffee
  • Takes a shower
  • Blow dries her hair
  • Watches the news
  • Makes and eats her breakfast
  • Starts the dishwasher
  • Throws a load of laundry in the washer and dryer

…so, she decides to keep looking for a plan that would better suit her lifestyle.

Discover the best electricity rates.

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Bounce Energy Reviews

When you buy a new product, chances are you glance at the reviews.

5-stars, terrific. 1-star, not so much.

While you can gain invaluable insight into a company or product by reading customer reviews, make sure to take them with a grain of salt for one main reason.

Consider the times you have, or haven’t, left a review of your own.

Historically, only those with:



amazing experiences are the ones who take the time to leave a review.

Keeping this in mind, look below to find out what your fellow energy consumers have to say about Bounce Energy:

  • You can read customer reviews on Bounce Energy at Customer Lobby
  • Bounce Energy, now Direct Energy, reviews can also be found on Yelp

Bounce Energy Plans

Bounce Energy has a number of different plans available to Texas residents.

But the major plan types you will see are fixed-rate and variable-rate plans.

Bounce Energy electricity and natural gas plans offer:

  • 100% renewable energy
  • Fixed-rate
  • Variable-rate
  • Free electricity hours
  • Discounts for enrolling in Auto-Pay
  • Month-to-month, 12, 24 & 36-month contracts

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans

A fixed-rate plan means your rate won’t change based on fluctuations in the energy market.

Fixed-rate is a promise made by an electricity company to not change the price you pay per kilowatt-hour for your contract term.

Fixed-rate plans protect you from market price fluctuations, but you will typically need to sign a contract.

Your rate may also be higher than the market rate during seasons with low energy demand or when energy market rates decrease.

Free Nights Or Weekends

A Bounce Energy free nights & weekend plan gets you free electricity every night from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m.

If you’re a night owl or don’t work a typical schedule, this could be a great fit for your lifestyle.

Or, it may not be.

To be sure, check Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool.

In under 5 minutes, you’ll know whether a free nights & weekends plan is really the best fit for you.

Variable-Rate Electricity Plans

A fixed-rate plan will keep your rates the same, no matter the market rate of electricity, whereas a variable-rate plan lets you capitalize on rate decreases.

Variable-rate plans have no monthly contract or cancellation fee, but your rate can go up or down based on the market and the discretion of your electric company.

two men changing light bulbs powered by bounce energy

Bright Choice

Sam and Jose just put an offer on their first home.

They are looking to move in January, and with temperatures being more mild than normal, the price of electricity is down.

Instead of residing with their current REP, they do some research into the Bright Choice plan offered by Bounce Energy.

It would offer them the flexibility they needed since there is no need to sign a contract, and they are able to take advantage of the lower energy market rates.

So, they head to Bounce Energy’s website to put in their zip code.

Like Sam and Jose, you could go straight to Bounce Energy’s website and check their rates and plans there.

But, you run a high risk of overpaying for your electricity every month and could even end up signing up for a plan that isn’t the best fit for you.

Bounce Energy’s website doesn’t factor in key information that will help you get the best plan and rate for your lifestyle, like:

  • Home size
  • Home age
  • Lifestyle
  • Home location

So you ask yourself, “What is the easiest way to determine what electricity plan is best suited for me?

Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool will allow you to find that answer in under five minutes.

All you have to do is enter your zip code and a few other pieces of information and you are one step closer to finding the electricity plan that is right for you.

Discover the best electricity rates.

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Bounce Energy Business Plans

Bounce Energy offers business plans to both small and large businesses.

Similar to residential plans and rates, Texas business owners are given the option to choose fixed-rate or variable-rate electricity plans for their business.

Contracts range from 1-month to 6-months, all the way to 36-months.

It all depends on what is right for you and your business.

Bounce Energy Customer Service

You can contact Bounce Energy’s customer support via:

  • Phone: 1-855-461-1926
  • Email

You can contact them to:

  • Report an outage
  • Pay your bill
  • Sign up for service
  • Inquire about home services and protection

Bounce Energy Pay Bill

You will typically receive your electric bill from your REP every 28-32 days, depending on when your electric meter is read.

Your bill includes the energy charge for your usage and any operational costs that are associated with providing electricity to your specific home.

There are a number of ways Bounce Energy customers can access and pay their bills.

Customers can:

  • Pay with a saved payment method or create a new one via your Online Account Manager
  • Make a one-time online payment
  • Enroll in Auto-Pay
  • Pay in person at a location near you

Bounce Energy also offers customers a Direct Energy Mobile Wallet.

Simply download the mobile wallet to your smartphone’s wallet app and get quick access to all the above payment options.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

Bounce Energy Locations

Bounce Energy provides electricity and natural gas to states across the U.S.

In Texas, they serve 5 main regions across the state, including:

  • Oncor
  • Centerpoint
  • AEP North
  • AEP Central
  • TNMP

Bounce Energy services hundreds of cities in those regions, like Houston.


You just relocated to Houston for work and have settled on a new apartment to call home.

You know the square footage, what appliances you’ll have, and a general idea of what your energy usage will look like based on your lifestyle.

Curious about your new monthly costs, including electricity, you start to do a little research into the Houston electricity market.

While there is an overwhelming number of plans and rates, you aren’t finding any that scream, “This will work great for me!”

Luckily, Power Wizard has a great tool to help do all of the work for you.

You can quickly find the plan that best fits your home’s specific needs by using Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool.

All you have to do is enter:

  • Your zip-code
  • The size of your home
  • A few other relevant pieces of information

Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool will compare all of the plans available in Houston and give you the best overall option.

RememberBounce Energy may be the right REP for your situation, but it also may not be.

“The best” REP and electricity company will depend on you and your family’s specific circumstances.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

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