Our Story:
The Path to Power Wizard

Power Wizard's technology was originated by a team of energy professionals who saw ongoing price uncertainty in the electricity market.

Our Mission

We believe no one
should overpay for power

We're here to empower consumers and protect them from hidden fees, price spikes, and general confusion when navigating the energy market.


The founders saw a problem.

No two homes use electricity the same way. This makes it challenging to choose the ideal plan from a sea of hundreds, that suits your specific lifestyle. The right plan for your neighbor, may not be the right one for you.

In addition, some electricity providers take advantage of consumers by offering plans with low introductory rates that can suddenly spike. These plans can confuse customers with hidden fees and complex structures, making what seems a sweet deal, not so sweet.

They devised a solution.

No individual can clearly analyze the hundreds of available electricity plans and determine the right one for you faster than Power Wizard. Even the best energy experts are still human!

Our service uses a proprietary data science and technology to analyze every aspect of the way you use electricity – from peak time of day to average monthly consumption – and locates the most affordable plans to match your needs.

The magic continues.

Our system is continually growing and learning from its interactions with users. The longer you’re a Power Wizard member, the clearer understanding we have of your energy usage habits.

Equipped with this data, we can continue to refine our search to ensure you stay on the best electricity plan available, and will let you know if we find a better one. Our system never takes a day off, working for our members 24/7.

Power Wizard Values


Power Wizard makes it easy to sign up for a plan, understand your options, and stay in the know with updates and alerts.


Our system learns from your electricity habits, searches plans, compares prices, and uncovers hidden fees.


Power Wizard's tried and tested technology removes human error from the equation.


Our platform stays up-to-date on the latest information security standards and takes every measure to keep your data secure.

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