Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

North American Power Texas: About, Rates, Locations, Customer Service, And More

Wondering whether you can save money by switching to an electricity plan from North American Power? 

If you try to answer this question on your own, you’ll be in for nothing but headaches as you run into all the marketing gimmicks, fine print, and complicated fee structures that make up the Texas electricity market. 

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Are you a Texas homeowner interested in learning more about North American Power?

Do you own a small business in one of the many Texas cities and have heard North American Power might be able to provide you with your electricity?

Does shopping around the 100+ different Retail Electric Providers (REPs) for a new electricity plan stress you out?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ve found yourself in the right place.

This guide will provide information about North American Power, one of the REPs, including the locations they service, the most up-to-date rates, and contact information.

It will also provide you with tips to make shopping for electricity in your Texas city quick, easy, and stress-free.

What Is North American Power?

North American Power is one of 160+ Retail Electric Providers (REPs) available throughout the state of Texas.

Based out of Houston, they were founded in 2012. They offer both electricity plans and natural gas plans to various cities in Texas.

It is just one of the many electricity companies in Texas.

However, North American Power stands out from the many other REPs in a few different ways.

What Makes North American Power Different Than All The Other REPs?

North American Power is based out of Houston and provides energy to both Houston and many other deregulated Texas cities.

But what makes them stand out from all of the other REPs that offer energy to the deregulated cities in the state of Texas?

  1. North American Power also services other deregulated energy states besides Texas. Some of these states include:
    • Connecticut
    • Maine
    • New Jersey
    • Pennsylvania
    • Maryland
    • Georgia
    • New York
    • Rhode Island
    • Illinois
    • New Hampshire
    • Ohio
  2. They offer both electricity and natural gas plans to homes and small businesses.
  3. They offer personalized usage forecasts on your upcoming bill. With this estimate, North American Power tries to eliminate surprises for you on your next electricity bill. They factor the season and weather along with your historical usage to provide you with an estimate of how much electricity you’ll use in the upcoming billing cycle.
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How To Change Electric Companies In Texas

Texas is one of the many states that have a deregulated energy market. This means that energy customers can choose which Retail Electric Provider in their area they use to service their electricity.

If you find that you need to change electric companies in Texas, you might be intimidated by the process.

Not only do you have to read through your current contract to understand any penalties you might face, but you likely have to contact your provider to cancel your current plan.

And then the hard work begins.

To change electric companies in Texas, you need to search for a new one.

You can:

  1. Research all of the possible REPs that service your immediate area
  2. Take notes on each REPs various plans and prices
  3. Spend hours comparing all of their rates and plans
  4. Find the plan that works best for you and your family’s needs
  5. Contact your new provider to sign-up and begin a contract

Or you can use Power Wizard’s Shopping tool.

Using a service like Power Wizard saves you time and energy and can ensure that you find the best electricity company and plan for your specific needs.

Simply put your exact Texas zip code into the savings estimate tool, answer a few questions about your home and usage, and wait less than five minutes.

Power Wizard matches you with the best electricity provider and plans in your area, whether that be North American Power or another energy provider in Texas.

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How To Find The Best Electricity Plan In Texas

Finding the best electricity plan for you and your family may seem like a daunting task. That’s because it can be, depending on how you tackle the process.

Keep in mind that the cheapest electricity plan you find is not necessarily the best one for your family’s needs.

You’ve probably heard opinions on a handful of electricity providers in your area from neighbors, friends, or co-workers.

But the plan that is “best” for them might not offer the best rates or plans for your electricity needs.

With over 160 electricity companies in Texas, how could you ever be sure you’ve found the one electricity provider and plan that is right for you?

You would need to read through each possible provider’s contracts, hidden fees, and technical jargon to fully understand if you’d benefit from a plan before signing on with a company.

Power Wizard can save you the headache of gathering opinions from neighbors and friends and the time-consuming task of researching every possible REP on your own.

When all is said and done, you can feel confident that you’ve found the best electricity provider for your unique needs.

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North American Power Rates

North American Power offers rates for both electricity plans and natural gas plans for homes and small businesses.

These different plans are available by city and can be found by entering your Texas zip code on North American Power’s website.

Although there are different rates offered through North American Power, choosing a plan directly from their website does not ensure you’ve found the best possible plan for your needs.

When shopping for Texas electricity rates, you should consider factors like:

When you use Power Wizard, the unbiased algorithm takes all of these factors into consideration before matching you with the best plan possible for your home.

North American Power Reviews

Similar to shopping for most things, you should consider customer reviews when looking for your new electricity provider.

You’re likely looking for a provider that offers cost-effective plans, offers great customer service, and has happy past customers.

Although you may find positive reviews, many reviews you find will be negative.

Customers most often leave reviews when their expectations are exceeded or if they’ve had a horrible experience.

It is not likely that customers are taking the time to leave neutral reviews.

While reading real customer reviews can provide you with insight into North American Power, it is important to do your own research, too.

You can find some reviews on North American Power below:

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North American Power Plans

Lightbulbs - North American Power

North American Power offers fixed-rate energy plans to its customers. There are fixed-rate plans available for both residences and small businesses.

Fixed-Rate Plans

North American Power’s fixed-rate electricity plans allow you to pay a set kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate for the entire length of your contract.

Many customers appreciate this option because they are aware of what their electricity will cost each month. However, this fixed rate does not include any hidden fees that may be listed in your contract or extra charges associated with delivery.

Fixed-rate plans can be beneficial to you if there is an increase in electricity prices in your area. Because you are locked into a set kWh rate for the length of your contract, your electricity cost will not increase.

However, if there is a decrease in the price of electricity, you will continue to pay the higher kWh rate that was locked into your contract.

North American Power has information about other plans that may be available in your area.

North American Power Business Plans

If you are a business owner in Texas, North American Power provides fixed-rate electricity plans to small businesses in some Texas cities.

With minimal information on hand about your business, you can head to North American Power’s website and use that information to find the electricity plans available to you.

Information you might need includes:

Rather than spending the time reading through all of the potential electricity plans, you can use Power Wizard’s unbiased algorithm.

Power Wizard can quickly help you find the best electricity plan for your Texas business, whether that be with North American Power or another Texas REP.

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North American Power Customer Service

Current and potential electricity customers with North American Power can contact customer service with questions regarding their electricity.

To sign up for energy with North American Power, call 877-572-0442 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST or use the online sign-up option.

North American Power provides a detailed FAQ sheet that addresses their most commonly asked questions.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, North American Power’s customer support can be contacted via email, telephone, or mail.

North American Customer Support:


M-F 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST

North American Power Pay Bill

North American Power allows you to pay your bill through your North American Power login.

Once you are logged into your account, you can pay your bill online with a card or contact customer service to pay your bill over the phone.

You may have the option to set up automatic bill pay or mail your payment directly to North American Power.

Once you are enrolled as a new customer with North American Power, you can explore these options with customer service.

3 Ways to Lower your Electricity Bill With North American Power

If you’re an electricity customer with North American Power, there are simple ways you can lower your monthly bill.

Mind Your Thermostat

By adjusting your thermostat when you leave your house, you can save money on your electricity bill.

When you’re out of your home, turn your thermostat off completely or lower it by 10-15 degrees. You can save nearly 10% on your energy bill by doing this one task daily.

Use Less Hot Water

Hot water uses a lot of energy.

By being mindful of how long you take hot showers and by not using hot water to wash your clothes, you can save over $150 each year on your electricity bill.

Unplug Your Electronics

Many people are guilty of leaving electronics plugged into the wall while they are not in use.

You can use power strips to allow easy access to your outlets, switching them on and off when they are or are not being used.

One electronic that uses a lot of electricity when left plugged in and on is your computer. By turning your computer to standby or completely off when not in use, you can save between $25 to $75 (for each computer) in electricity each year.

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North American Power Locations

If you are a home or business owner in Texas, they may provide electricity services to your city.


North American Power provides both residential and commercial electricity plans to customers in Houston.

Imagine that you are a new business owner in Houston and need to provide electricity to your establishment as quickly as possible.

North American Power was recommended to you by the owner of the business next door.

You know you’re desperate for electricity and don’t have time to spend shopping around for the different rates and plans that the various Texas REPs offer in Houston.

Before choosing to sign a contract with North American Power, you decide to head to Power Wizard to ensure you are making a good choice with your new electricity provider.

When you enter your business address and some additional relevant information, Power Wizard’s unbiased algorithm matches you with the best available plan in your area.

Although North American Power services your area, you decide to move forward with the recommended REP from Power Wizard.

This is a comfortable decision for you because you know that Power Wizard will continue to monitor your account and inform you if and when a better plan option becomes available.

Corpus Christi

North American Power provides electricity to residences and businesses in Corpus Christi.

After a divorce, Jen finds herself moving to Corpus Christi into a small two-bedroom home.

Her new home needs electricity.

Jen searches around online and finds North American Power’s fixed-rate plan.

She thinks this might be a good option for her because it allows her to estimate her budget for her electricity more accurately each month.

Jen decides to sign a contract with North American Power. But how could Jen ever be sure that she found the best possible plan for her current needs?

To be sure she made the right choice, Jen should have used Power Wizard’s Shopping tool.

Power Wizard’s Shopping tool requires minimal information to match you with the best electricity plan in minutes.

Some information Jen might need to use Power Wizard’s Shopping tool would be:


North American Power provides electricity to Plano, Texas.

Perhaps you are a college student at The University of Texas at Dallas, just outside of Plano.

You live in a townhome with your two roommates who, like you, are on a tight budget during the tough college years.

You know one thing is for sure – you need electricity.

One of your roommates has heard of another group of college kids in your development using North American Power as their electricity provider.

Your small group talks and decides not to research any other potential electricity providers and moves forward with creating an account with North American Power.

As each month passes by, you and your roommates mindlessly pay the electricity bill without ever knowing if North American Power is the best choice of electricity providers.

Could you have found a better plan or rate if you decided to shop around?

Luckily, Power Wizard takes away the time and stress of shopping for an electricity provider.

With Power Wizard’s Shopping tool, all you need is your zip code and some relevant information about your home. In minutes, the best plan can be at your fingertips.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

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