Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

Are you ready to save hundreds on your electricity bill?

Discover how to get the best electricity rates in Texas - within seconds!

McKinney, TX Electricity - Everything You Need To Know

McKinney, TX is a beautiful city famous for its green landscapes and diverse cultures. But it has a dirty secret. 

McKinney residents face crippling stress when it comes time to choose an electric company.

Why? Because they have to choose between over 130 Retail Electric Providers (REPs)!

But there’s a better way…

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Electricity Rates McKinney:

It is common to ask the question,McKinney “How much is electricity in McKinney?” but you should be asking a more specific question to be an informed consumer…

What are the best electricity rates in McKinney, Texas for you?

“The best…for you” because finding the lowest electricity rates will not guarantee that you will save money on your electricity.

Consider More Than Just The Cheapest Rate

For instance, Martell moved to McKinney immediately after graduating from college. He found a studio apartment that is very close to his workplace. However, he needs to search for an electricity plan before he moves in and officially gets settled.

As Martell looks into the various plans in the area, he focuses on comparing the electricity cost per kilowatt every hour (kWh) until he finds the one with the cheapest rate.

He decides to go with an electricity company that advertises a low rate of 9.2¢ per kWh and he thinks this is the best deal for his area.

In any case, Martell committed a major, but common, error that a great many people in McKinney make:

He didn’t factor in his individual considerations that would help him with settling on the best decision for his lifestyle and budget.

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Think about this…

Martell is starting an entry-level job in McKinney and has no idea how long he will be in the area. He hopes that he will learn how to do his job well enough that he can earn a promotion or find a better position as soon as possible.

Since he is the newest hire, he already knows he will be scheduled for the working hours no one prefers – late nights and weekends.

Therefore, Martell must consider his unique living and working situation, as well as projected electricity usage because:

The lowest energy rate is not always the best rate.

What will happen if Martell doesn’t meet the monthly minimum 1100 kWh that his service contract requires?

There is a chance that Martell will not meet the minimum 1100 kWh requirement. As such, he could incur a penalty, where his rate could increase from 9.2¢ per kWh to 12.9¢ per kWh. That’s a significant jump in the cost of his electricity.

All electricity companies require that you meet the conditions of your contract. If you don’t, they could increase your rate or even charge you a fee.

It’s easy to overlook hidden fees in the electricity contract.

What if Martell has to move out of his studio apartment before his electricity service contract ends? Will there be an early termination fee?

If Martell has a 6, 12, 24, or 36-month fixed-rate plan, he will more than likely be subject to paying a fee for ending his contract early.

Tip: Be certain that you understand the fees that are “hidden” in your terms of service, by reading your contract carefully beforehand.

You can pay more for your electricity due to contract renewal upcharges.

Is Martell’s low electricity rate a promotional offer that will only apply to his first year? How will his rate increase after his initial contract renews for an additional year?

Martell will probably not remember when his electricity plan started, which means that his contract could end and renew automatically with a rate that will be higher than his first year’s service.

Tip: If you know this could be an issue for you, think ahead and set a calendar reminder to notify you when your contract end date is approaching, so you can learn more about your plan options before your contract news automatically.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

Your electricity rates can depend upon the type of plan you have

Should Martell sign a long-term contract that offers a fixed-rate plan or a short-term (month-to-month) contract that offers a flexible-rate plan? Are there other plans, like pre-paid options, available in his area?

Tip: The best plan for you to consider will rely upon what you and your family need. Your lifestyle and budget will help you to understand what type of plan will serve you the most.

As you can see, choosing the cheapest electricity rate is not the only data to evaluate when looking for electricity in McKinney.

Use Power Wizard’s 100% unbiased algorithm to help you choose the best electricity plan based on your needs.

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Compare Electricity Rates McKinney:

When you are considering electricity rates, you will need to thoroughly consider the following questions in your research:

  • Which sort of plan would be best for you – a fixed-rate or a variable-rate plan?
  • Would a prepaid electricity plan work well for your budget and electricity needs?
  • Will a “free nights and weekends” plan really save you money? When are the days and times that would fall under this type of plan?
  • Should you switch to a different electricity company to save money and meet your energy needs better?

These types of questions are only a couple of the things you need to consider as you spend hours (if not days or even weeks), comparing various electricity companies that service McKinney residents.

Fortunately, there’s an easier method with Power Wizard.

Our Shopping Tool will identify the best electricity company and rate for you. Begin your search by entering your zip code.

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What’s the Best Electricity Rate in McKinney?

Keep in mind, the best electricity rate in McKinney is the one that meets you and your household’s unique needs.

Generally, it will not be as simple as identifying the cheapest kWh.

So as opposed to asking, “Who has the best power rates in McKinney, TX?”

You ought to ask, “Who has the best electricity rates in McKinney, Texas for my family’s specific needs?”

The best electricity rate for you relies upon a few variables, which can get somewhat confusing when you are trying to compare rates of so many companies:

  • Zip code
  • Property size
  • Property age
  • Electricity usage

The best power plan for you needs to take all of these variables into consideration.

For you to complete a thorough comparison of all of your unique factors as you shop around, you must:

  • Have an extra 15-20 hours to spend out of your week to dedicate to researching electricity companies.
  • Be a technical wizard who can develop an algorithm that can search among all of the available plans in your area while considering your unique needs.
  • Be an electricity hobbyist, who specializes in understanding how the deregulated electricity market in Texas works.

More than likely, you do not identify with any of those three descriptions, so continue reading to discover the best electric company for you in McKinney.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.


How to Choose Electric Company in McKinney

There are two ways to choose an electric company in McKinney:

  1. With a manual search


  1. With an automated search

Martell has begun the search for an electricity company and is overwhelmed with the tedious process so far.

The manual process of choosing an electricity plan in McKinney is much more than he is willing to put in the time and energy to continue.

Here is what his search has looked like so far:

  1. He used to search for the following keywords:
    • “Cheap electricity McKinney”
    • “Electricity plans McKinney”
  2. Next, he went to every company’s website – one by one – to become familiar with as many electricity plans the companies offer.
  3. Then, he compared his findings, while considering:
    1. The size of the apartment
    2. The age of the apartment
    3. His historical energy usage
  4. Finally, he has to make a choice based on which electricity plan he thinks will offer the best plan for him.

However, Martell is not feeling confident enough to choose because there are too many variables, plans, and service contract terms to consider all at once…and he has a huge headache.

Fortunately, one of Martell’s new colleagues advised him to look at Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool, which can assist him in choosing the best electricity company for him.

Martell has learned that he can use it and finish the whole search process in 10 minutes or less.

He has chosen to utilize Power Wizard’s unbiased assessment tool to spare himself both wasted time and money.

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Electric Companies in McKinney, Texas

Many electric companies provide residential and commercial plans in McKinney, Texas.

The deregulated electricity market in Texas gives consumers, like you, the right to choose the company you want to supply electricity to your home or business.

What’s the Best Electric Company in McKinney, TX?

To answer this question, understand that the best electric company is as diverse as the needs of each home or business in McKinney, Texas.

For instance, Martell’s neighbors live in a studio apartment that is the same size and age as his.

However, they are a newlywed couple and have different energy needs and levels of electricity consumption during the week.

Martell’s lifestyle and energy consumption will be different than his newly-wed neighbors.

So, even if they recommend their electricity company to Martell, it would be in his best interest to do his due diligence before deciding for himself because it does not mean that it will automatically be best for him.

As you can see…

Choosing an electricity plan that best suits your needs can be challenging if you attempt to do it on your own.

Thankfully, you have another option.

Use Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool, which is a proprietary technology that helps you to locate the best electricity company for your one-of-a-kind needs.

Electricity Plans McKinney

As you shop around for electricity plans in McKinney, you will become aware of the fact that there are numerous plans for you to consider.

A solid way of choosing an electricity plan is to select the one that meets your energy needs the best.

In this next section, you will see some of the plans that McKinney residents regularly consider…

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.


Before you read through the following electricity plans, you have to understand that it’s extremely difficult to be unbiased while making sense of which one is best for your unique needs.

Many factors go into finding the best electricity plan for you. It’s incomprehensible for the normal individual to break down the entirety of this information and objectively pick the best plan.

Again…be careful.

Flat Rate Electricity McKinney

If you are interested in a plan that allows you to pay the same amount for your energy bill each month, then you may want to consider a flat-rate electricity plan.

These are set up so that you pay the same amount every month for your electricity charges regardless of how much or how little you use.

These kinds of plans are getting progressively more mainstream all over the United States.

Flat-rate plans work great for people who…

  • Have a fixed month-to-month spending plan.
  • Are worried about the seasonal spikes in the summer and winter months.
  • Don’t mind entering a year-long service contract agreement with their electricity company.

Use Power Wizard’s 100% unbiased Shopping Tool to check whether a flat-rate plan would be the best plan for you.

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Prepaid Electricity McKinney

If you are looking for a “pay as you go” plan, you may want to consider prepaid electricity plans.

Normally, if you sign up for a prepaid plan, you will not have to do a credit check or pay a deposit, which can make it easier for some people to get their service started.

Prepaid electricity plans work well for people who…

  • Are concerned about the status of their credit score
  • Are not in a position to pay an initial deposit
  • Are on a fixed monthly budget with little room for change
  • Need electricity service quickly

Use Power Wizard’s 100% unbiased Shopping Tool to see if a prepaid plan would be the best option for you.


Average Electric Bill In McKinney TX

What is the average electric bill in McKinney TX?

It is difficult to offer a straightforward response to this question since the plans that electricity companies offer are dependent on so many different variables in the electricity market.

Also, the answer may vary based on where you are getting your information.

Nonetheless, as indicated by Electricity Local, inhabitants of McKinney, Texas pay an average of 11.11¢ per kWh.

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