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How To Compare Electricity Rates In Texas

By Payal B

The phrase “beating your head against a wall” probably seemed like hyperbole before you started trying to compare electric companies in Texas. You may have even chuckled at it, thinking you’d never be that frustrated.

That is, until day three of spreadsheets, calculators, and hard-to-find information on electricity rates. Now, you are catching yourself occasionally glancing over at the wall and asking yourself “how tough can drywall really be?”

It doesn’t have to be so frustrating!

Power Wizard can save you the time and hassle of researching and comparing all 130+ of the REPs in Texas. Just let our unbiased AI compare all of them for you!

Power Wizard’s Shopping Tool is here to save the day!

If you want to research on your own, keep reading and we’ll tell you how, but the quickest way will always be to just use our Shopping Tool.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

Compare Electric Rates in Texas: What’s to Compare?

You want the best rate for your family. You have specific needs and you don’t want to overpay.

We understand.

When comparing different electric providers and plans, there are a few things to consider:

  • Type of plan
  • REP ratings
  • Additional charges
  • Hidden fees
  • Contract terms
  • incentives

Factor 1 When Comparing Electricity Rates: Type of Plan

how to compare electricity rates in Texas

The first question to ask is: What type of plan is right for me?

There are a lot of different plans out there. Sorting through them all can take a lot of time.

There are plans best suited for:

  • Singles
  • Families
  • Large homes
  • Apartments
  • Frequent travelers

You need a plan that meets your needs and will save you money.

So you need to look at all of the options.

Luckily, Power Wizard does it for you.

How To Determine if This Factor is Important To You?

What difference does it make? Well, in terms of the lowest electric bill, it makes a lot of difference.

If you have a busy family and are always on the go, a plan that recognizes and rewards your lower electricity usage will save you money.

If you have an older home that isn’t energy-efficient, you likely want a plan that helps you maximize savings and lets you stay comfortable despite high usage.

Maybe you work all day but you’re a homebody the rest of the time. Free nights and weekends may be the right plan for you.

Finding the plan that best suits your home and lifestyle is critical when choosing an electric rate in Texas.

You could spend time calling different REPs for details of their plans.

There are over a hundred providers and hundreds of plans.

It can be overwhelming to sort through all of those plans to find the best plan for your location, family size, house size, and usage needs.

Find out how much you could be saving with the right plan by trying our Free Savings Estimate.

Factor 2 When Comparing Electricity Rates: REP Ratings

You want to know the provider you are choosing is reputable and honest.

Good customer service matters.

You probably want to know how other customers feel about their services and their product. After all, you aren’t going to settle for poor customer service and sneaky hidden fees. You deserve better.

Checking REP ratings will help you choose the right electric company for you.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

Learn More in Under 2 Mins

how to compare electricity rates in Texas

How To Determine if This Factor is Important To You?

Do you like to read restaurant reviews before you go out to eat?

Maybe you want to know what’s on the menu or which dish others rave about. You might want to know what to stay away from.

Reading reviews helps you be informed about potential problems.

If you care about how a company will treat you or how they handle potential problems, you may want to check their ratings to see what other customers say about them.

Look for reviews about the company’s customer service so you know what to expect.

Being an informed consumer makes you a more powerful consumer.

So, how do you know the Retail Electric Provider (REP) is a good company? What do you look for? Who do you ask?

You could check the ratings and reviews online.

For every company.

There are hundreds.

This could take a while.


You could let Power Wizard do it for you.

Factor 3 When Comparing Electricity Rates: Hidden Fees and Additional Charges

If you started this search by asking yourself, “Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Texas,” then you’ll want to know about hidden fees and additional charges.

Some plans start out with a low price, but the fine print could allow the company to change your rate if you don’t meet certain terms.

There’s nothing like opening your electric bill and finding out that you’re being charged way more than you thought.

There are a lot of potential hidden fees.

You want to know exactly what you will be paying and which plans will limit the extra costs.

How To Determine if This Factor is Important To You?

Always read the fine print. That is where you’ll find hidden fees and additional charges.

These fees could be the difference between huge savings and an out-of-control electric bill.

Maybe you are very careful when reading contracts and you understand the terms and conditions. But if you’re like most people, you need some help understanding what those terms and conditions mean for you.

This is where Power Wizard’s Free Savings Estimate can help. We take hidden fees and additional charges into consideration when finding the plan that is right for you.

What Factors are Most Important to You?

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for the lowest energy rates in Texas.

You want low rates. But good customer service is important, too. And you don’t want to get trapped by hidden fees and additional charges.

Which factors are most important to you?

Think about the last time you left an online review. What prompted the review? Was it:

  • Getting a great deal?
  • How were you treated by the employees?
  • Extra charges or unfair pricing?
  • Easy-to-use services?

Knowing what is most important to you will help you choose a plan, and REP, that is most likely to meet your needs.

When Comparing, Should You be Asking, “What is the Cheapest Electricity Company in Texas?”

When it comes to electricity plans “cheap” isn’t always “best.”

Some plans may be cheap at first, but the rates can rise or they may have extra charges for high usage.

Finding the cheapest electric provider in Texas can be a lot of work. You need to look at everything the REP is offering and all of the possible charges and incentives.

Power Wizard does the hard work for you.

We compare plans based on:

  • Home size
  • Age of home
  • Usage
  • Contract length
  • Fees
  • Location

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

Comparing The ‘Cheapest’ Energy in Texas – what is “cheap?”

You want the lowest electric bill. You should be able to just compare electric rates, pick the lowest one, and enjoy your savings. Right?

Not so fast.

The cost per kWh isn’t the only thing to consider.

Some plans have other fees that could cost you more money.

All of a sudden, your “cheap” energy isn’t so cheap anymore.

Hidden Fees Associated With the Cheapest Energy Rates in Texas

There isn’t a lot of transparency when it comes to hidden fees.

That’s why we call them “hidden fees.”

Some additional charges you could see include:

  • Customer service fees
  • Minimum usage fees
  • Utility company fees
  • State and local taxes
  • Minimum usage fees
  • Overage fees

These fees are usually in the fine print.

Looking at the details of a plan will help you find these additional charges and avoid them.

Compare Electricity Rates in Texas – Four Steps:

Now that you know what to look for when comparing plans, you are ready to find and choose the right plan for you.

There are a few steps you will need to take to find and compare electric plans:

  1. Research REPs
  2. Research types of rate plans
  3. Evaluate your findings against your unique needs
  4. Continually compare rates

Step 1: Use One of Three Options to Research All the REPs and Rates Available in Your Area

The first step to finding the right plan for you is research.

You can:

  • Make a list of every REP in your area and call them
  • Search the internet for every available plan one at a time
  • Use a third-party website to research and compare rates for you

Option 1: Spend Days or Weeks Calling Every Electric Provider in Your Area

Making a list of every REP in your area will take time.

Imagine spending hours a day just looking at electric plans.

You’ll be researching plans before work every morning. Your lunch break will be spent on your phone calling REPs or looking up ratings. Instead of spending the evening with your family, you’ll be comparing plans and prices. You’ll be thinking about it day and night.

The stress is overwhelming.

Every free moment will be dedicated to finding the right electricity plan.

With so many electricity plans, you have a lot of research to do.

You can:

Compile Your Findings

After you have a list of all of the REPs in your area, you can start comparing plans for each REP.

You can use a spreadsheet to keep track of your findings.

You will need to compare rates often. So keep the list handy.

Option 2: Spend Days or Weeks Researching Rates Online

The internet is a wonderful tool. It can save you from having to call the REPs.

You will still need to dedicate a lot of time to sort through pages of results and different plans.

It will take hours to search for every REP in your area and then compare every plan individually. It’s like having a part-time job you aren’t being paid for.

You can find time for research:

  • Getting ready for work
  • Waiting in the school drop-off line
  • Taking your break at work
  • Waiting for your kids after school or at practice
  • Making dinner
  • At the table, while you eat
  • Watching TV
  • In bed, before you go to sleep

You will need to have your list or spreadsheet available at all times so you can continue to add information.

Compile Your Findings

There are a lot of REPs to compare and you will need to check plans often, so recording what you find will help you in the future.

Using a spreadsheet to keep track of websites and REPs can help.

Option 3: Use a Third-party Website That Will Help You Compare Electricity Rates in Texas.

You probably started your search to save money, but your time is valuable.

Spending days or weeks researching REPs takes away from more important things.

Using Power Wizard can help save you time and money.

Power Wizard’s savings estimate compares REPs and electric plans for you.

And unlike REP-owned or REP-funded sites, we give you unbiased results.

We look at all of the REPs in your area and we don’t take referral fees.

Power Wizard works for you.

In just a few seconds, Power Wizard finds rates for you based on your unique needs.

No wasted time or money.

Compile Your Findings

Comparing rates just got easier.

In less than 5 minutes Power Wizard will show you a plan that best meets your needs and saves you money.

You don’t even need a spreadsheet.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

Learn More in Under 2 Mins

Step 2: What is the Best Type of Rate Plan for Me?

Because Texas offers deregulated electricity, you have a lot of choices in rate plans.

REPs are competing for your business. You can use that to your advantage when shopping for electricity plans.

There are hundreds of plans available but likely only a handful that are right for you.

But you won’t know that if you aren’t constantly comparing rates and REPs.

Because plans and rates change often, you want to compare electricity rates often.

Power Wizard can do that for you.

What Types of Rate Plans are Available?

Knowing what types of plans are available can help you make an informed decision and save you money. With so many plans to choose from, how can you know which type is right for you?

When you know what factors are most important, you can use those to find the right plan.

Fixed-Rate Plans

Fixed-rate plans allow you to buy energy at a set cost. The electricity company sells you power based on their estimate of energy costs that year.

The REP guarantees they will not raise the cost of your electricity for the length of the plan.

You may pay lower-than-average prices.

But if electricity costs go down, you could end up paying more than your neighbor.

Variable-Rate Plans

Variable-rate plans may be higher per kWh during peak usage times but can save you money with perks like free nights and weekends.

Rates can change based on factors like weather and demand.

Your bill may be much higher than average if you don’t meet certain conditions or if there is a natural disaster, but can offer significant savings if the terms fit your lifestyle and electricity usage.

Indexed Plans

An indexed plan means that the cost of electricity is tied to another factor, like market prices.

Your rate can change often.

Power Wizard tracks the index so you know when prices are low, and when you might end up paying too much.

Step 3: Compare Your Research and the Types of Plans Available Against Your Unique Needs

Now that you have researched the REPs and plan types in your area, you need to evaluate the plans against how you uniquely use electricity.

A plan is only right if it is right for you.

how to compare electricity rates in Texas

What ARE Your Unique Needs?

Rachel is a stay-at-home mom. She has three young children and is home most of the day.

She needs a plan that will save her money even when she is using electricity during the day.

Free nights and weekends are nice, but if the daytime rates are high, she will end up with a very high electricity bill.

Frank is a young professional living in a downtown apartment. He works long hours and often travels.

A plan that rewards him for low usage can lower his bill.

Finding the best electricity plan in Texas means knowing what you need.

Power Wizard’s savings estimate finds plans for your needs based on

  • Zipcode
  • Home size
  • Age of home
  • Usage
  • Contract length
  • Fees
  • Location
  • Etc.

We know you have specific needs. We can quickly and easily find the plan that is right for you.

Use Your College Math Skills to Develop an Algorithm to Match Available Plans and Rates With Your Needs

If you are comparing plans on your own, you’ll need a formula that considers:

  • Usage
  • Energy markets
  • Cost per kWh
  • Taxes
  • Fees
  • Incentives
  • Type of plan
  • Time of day
  • Changing electricity costs

On top of that, you need to monitor these things regularly. Factors can change very quickly and that can cause a surprise in your bill.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

Learn More in Under 2 Mins

Step 4: Continually Compare Rates to Ensure you Always Have the Best Plan for Your Household

Researching the best plan is too hard.

Who wants to do it again, month after month, just to make sure you are still getting the best rates?

Changes in prices or usage can have an impact on your bill. If you aren’t tracking it closely, you could end up paying too much.

Don’t Waste Valuable Time and Energy Comparing Electric Rates in Texas: Let Power Wizard do All the Heavy Lifting

You have a busy life.

Between work and family obligations, you don’t have enough time for yourself as it is.

You don’t want to spend your valuable free time researching electricity plans.

Instead, you could spend that time:

  • Having dinner with your family
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Going shopping
  • Relaxing after a long day at work
  • Enjoying time with your partner

Let Power Wizard give you back your time by researching and comparing plans for you.

You deserve to spend your time doing what you want.

Use the Free Estimate Tool to Automatically Compare Rates in Your Area

If there was a way to save you time and money, would you do it?

Of course!

We all want to save time and money. That’s why Power Wizard’s Free Savings Estimate exists.

You just put in your zip code and answer a few questions and we make the magic happen.

Become a Member and Let Power Wizard Take Care of All Your Enrollment Needs

When you let us do the work for you, we take care of everything.

If we find a better rate plan for you, we let you know. And if you want to switch, we take care of that for you.

You can start by using our Savings Estimate.

What could be easier than that?

Never Worry That You’re Not in the Most Suitable Plan for You and Your Family

Power Wizard is always checking rates. You can rest assured that we are working for you.

We don’t work for the power company. We don’t get kickbacks or referral fees for suggesting only certain companies or plans.

Power Wizard can help find the best rate plan for your family.

It’s like magic.

Discover the best electricity rates.

Power Wizard finds you the best electricity plan and ensures you won’t overpay for electricity again.

Learn More in Under 2 Mins

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