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Texans For Affordable Electric Rates

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Do you know that feeling when you search for something you want to buy on Google, except instead of the product you want, fifty promoted links come up? Then, you have to sift through all the options, some of which aren’t even close to what you want. After that whole waste of time, you might not even find what you were looking for. You eventually just close the tab and give up. 

The same thing happens with finding an electricity plan in Texas. If you search by yourself, you might be signing up for hours of hassle. 

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Additionally, you will discover how to effectively compare electric providers and find the best and cheapest electricity rates and plans for your unique Texas needs.

Why Do Electric Rates Fluctuate In Texas?

Electricity rates are always changing in Texas which can make it difficult for potential customers to find an electricity provider that meets their needs.

Texas energy consumers find themselves repeatedly asking, “What is the cheapest electricity company in Texas?” and the fluctuating rates make that a difficult question to answer.

Electric rates in Texas change regularly because electricity prices are influenced by many different factors:

  1. When electricity demand is high, fuel prices may increase. Higher fuel prices mean a higher cost to generate electricity.
  2. The state of Texas has specific regulations for the transmission and distribution of electricity that determine the price.
  3. Costs for financing, maintaining, and operating power plants play a role.
  4. Weather conditions can change the need for electricity (heating and cooling). Weather can also play a part in the use of solar energy and wind turbines which can be more cost-effective than other methods of electricity.

Deregulated Energy Provides Choice

deregulated energy market allows electricity consumers to choose between a large number of Retail Electric Providers (REPs) in their area when shopping for electricity.

In the large state of Texas, there are over 160 REPs available to consumers.

Before deregulated energy, homeowners and business owners were forced to use the one provider that serviced their area.

This meant they were told what plan they’d be using and what price they’d be paying for their electricity. They were not allowed to shop around for a provider that best fit their needs.

When the deregulated energy market was introduced to more than 85% of the Texas population in 2002, energy consumers began to have a choice in their electricity provider.

How Does This Affect Texans?

There are over 160 electricity providers across the state of Texas.

Each Texas city offers a large variety of affordable electricity providers for energy consumers to choose from.

How does a deregulated energy market affect Texans?

Texas became a deregulated energy market in 2002 when it was approved by Texas Senate Bill 7.

This allows energy consumers across Texas to shop around for the best electric company in Texas before deciding on a provider.

It also allows consumers to find the best price of electricity in Texas for their needs and budget.

However, electricity rates are constantly changing because they are dependent on a handful of factors.

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Some of these factors include:

  • Weather conditions
  • Cost of fuel
  • Maintenance of power plants
  • Cost of distribution
  • And more

When rates change, Texas electricity providers can change their available electricity plans.

One positive effect of the deregulated Texas energy market is that it allows consumers to shop around and change electricity providers as they feel based on the ever-changing plans and rates.

This allows energy consumers the freedom to find low-cost electricity in Texas and continually search for the best electricity plans and prices.

However, one negative effect of the deregulated Texas energy market is the confusing jargon.

Electricity contract jargon can be complex and can throw consumers in a loop when they are shopping for a provider.

If a potential energy consumer cannot understand a contract, they have the option to pursue different providers with affordable rates and straightforward, clear, concise contracts.

Texans for affordable electric rates

Why Texans Are In Favor Of Affordable Electric Rates

Energy consumers are always searching for the best price of electricity in Texas, but who determines what a “good” price for electricity in Texas is?

The answer differs for every Texas electricity consumer.

An affordable electric rate can look different for everyone based on their energy needs, personal lifestyle, and income.

But no one wants to pay more than they think they should pay for electricity.

When prices continually increase for everyday necessities, like power, it can be frustrating for consumers.

But we all want the best and cheapest electric company in Texas that we can find.

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Texans for affordable electric rates

Deregulated Electricity Is Expensive

When a deregulated energy market was approved for Texas in 2002, it was supposed to bring more competition to the electricity industry and provide more affordable rates to Texas customers.

The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power (TCAP) shared a report showing that for more than a decade, the deregulated energy areas of Texas offered rates that were lower than the regulated energy areas of Texas.

However, recent studies have found that the gap in rates between the deregulated Texas energy market and the areas of Texas that are regulated is closing.

more recent report released by the TCAP, a non-profit organization that leverages the best prices for electricity, proved that deregulated energy is becoming more expensive.

The report showed that in 2016, the average residential rate for Texans in deregulated energy markets was higher than the average in regulated Texas cities.

And unfortunately, the price for electricity in deregulated energy areas of Texas continues to grow.

Higher Electric Rates Does Not Result In Better Service

Consumers are often willing to pay higher prices for a better quality of service.

But in the electric industry, this does not seem to hold much truth.

When energy customers choose an electricity rate or plan that is more expensive, they think they will be receiving services that match the price tag.

However, even with the increase in rates and larger profit margins for the Texas electricity providers, many Texas energy consumers still experience mediocre service and continue to have power outages.

6 Ways Texans Can Promote Affordable Electric Rates

When local citizens get involved, change is more likely to happen.

Even as an average Texan, you can support and lobby for more affordable electric rates in Texas.

The more Texans who take a stand and demand low-cost electricity in Texas, the more likely it is that change will happen.

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Texans for affordable electric rates

#1: Contact Your Texas Representatives

You can contact your local Texas representative to rally for cheap electricity in Texas.

You can contact them via phone, write a letter, or send an email sharing your stance on affordable electric rates.

How To Find Out Who Your Representative Is

If you are unsure who your local Texas representative is or how to best contact them, you can likely find out using Google.

This website also provides information on how to contact your local Texas representative.

How This Can Help Texans Achieve Affordable Electric Rates

Reaching out to your local Texas representatives can help Texans achieve affordable electric rates.

The more people who take a stand, voice their opinions, or offer solutions, the more likely it is that the government will act on making a change.

Government officials, including local state representatives, want to keep their earned position and make their citizens happy.

If helping to achieve cheaper electricity in Texas meets the needs of many local Texas citizens, it can be a win-win situation for all parties involved.

#2: File A Complaint With The PUCT

Texans can help to reduce the costs of electricity by taking the time to file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

Who Is PUCT?

The Public Utility Commission of Texas is the agency that regulates Texas electric, water, and utilities.

They attempt to resolve consumer complaints regarding utilities in Texas.

How To Contact PUCT

There are a handful of ways that a local Texan can contact the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Those local to Austin can visit the PUCT in person at:

William B. Travis Bldg
1701 N. Congress Ave
7th Floor
Austin, TX 78701

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If you’re not local to Austin or prefer to write a letter, the PUCT can be reached via mail at:

1701 N. Congress Ave
PO Box 13326
Austin, TX 78711

The PUCT is also available to contact via phone and email with the following information:

Agency Switchboard (M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) – 512-936-7000

Assistance Hotlines (M-F, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) – 888-782-8477 or 512-936-7120

Central Records (M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) – 512-936-7180


Central Records:

How This Can Help Texans Achieve Affordable Electric Rates

The goal of the PUCT is to attempt to resolve customer complaints regarding Texas utilities.

If Texans are experiencing problems with their electricity, they can contact the PUCT for help.

Some common problems are:

  • High electricity prices
  • Poor service despite high rates
  • Continued power outages

Continuous complaints have proven to be resolved in the past, like with a San Antonio H-E-B that experienced numerous power outages despite paying for what they believed would be quality electricity service.

#3: Contact ERCOT

Texans can contact the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to lobby for affordable electricity in Texas.

What Is ERCOT?

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOTmanages the flow of electrical power on the Texas power grid, the Texas Interconnection, which supplies power to more than 25 million power customers in Texas.

How To Contact ERCOT

Texans can reach the Electric Reliability Council of Texas via phone or email to do their part in rallying for affordable electricity rates in Texas.

Email Rob Orr at Government

Call 512-225-7011

The ERCOT website provides more options on possible contacts if needed.

How This Can Help Texans Achieve Affordable Electric Rates

ERCOT is responsible for providing power to 90% of the Texas population.

If Texas energy consumers reach out to ERCOT to voice concerns about affordable electricity costs, ERCOT is likely to listen and attempt to make a change in the electricity market.

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#4: Support the TCPA

If you want to lobby for Texans to achieve affordable electricity rates, you can support the Texas Competitive Power Advocates.

What Is the TCPA?

The Texas Competitive Power Advocates (TCPA) is a trade association that represents power generators and wholesale power marketers by investing in Texas and the ERCOT energy market.

By doing this, the members of the TCPA hope to ensure there is an abundance of reliable and affordable electricity for Texas energy consumers.

How This Can Help Texans Achieve Affordable Electric Rates

Supporting the TCPA can help Texans to achieve low-cost electricity rates.

The TCPA has an executive director who advocates for the association. The director appears at the Texas Legislature and voices the concerns of Texans while lobbying for support of the association.

If the TCPA has the support of the Texas Legislature, it can achieve affordable electricity rates for Texans.

#5: Join A Local Advocacy Group

If preferred, Texans can join a local advocacy group to rally for cheaper electricity rates in Texas.

How This Can Help Texans Achieve Affordable Electric Rates

Advocacy groups are made up of members who share a common interest and want to make an influential difference for political, economic, or social reasons.

As a local Texan, joining an advocacy group allows you to become a voice to lobby for affordable electricity rates.

This can help to make a difference in the outcome of the decision with the Texas Legislature.

#6: Let Your Money Do The Talking – Find A New Electric Company

With deregulation, Texas energy consumers can change electric providers when they feel it is necessary.

You can take the time to find a new, more affordable electric company that still offers everything that you need in an electric plan.

How To Compare Electricity Rates In Texas?

There are over 160+ Retail Electric Providers in Texas.

Each Texas city has dozens of available providers for energy consumers to choose from when searching for a new electric company.

But researching the dozens of potential providers and their rates can be time-consuming, frustrating, and leave you with a headache.

For starters, searching “What is the cheapest electricity company in Texas?” will likely not get you the results that you’re looking for.

But this is where many people begin.

If you go this route, you might not end up with the best and most affordable electric plan and rate that works for you.

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Instead, you could use Power Wizard’s hassle-free algorithm.

Power Wizard’s Shopping tool requires your Texas zip code and minimal additional information, like the size of your home and expected electricity usage, to quickly match you with the best electricity plan and rate for your unique needs.

If you’re looking for the best electricity rates in Texas, the unbiased algorithm makes all of the comparisons for you and provides you with the best electricity rate for your needs in minutes.

How To Change Electric Companies In Texas?

If you find that you want to change your electric company and look for a more affordable option, you can.

Most people searching for a new electric company do it the hard way.

They spend hours upon hours manually searching the internet, finding which electricity providers service their area.

The process looks something like this:

  1. Spend hours or days online researching the various REPs that service your exact Texas area.
  2. Take notes on all of the potential electricity providers, plans, and rates.
  3. Spend time looking through the notes to compare the potential plans and rates.
  4. Choose the one you think would work best for your needs.
  5. Contact them to sign-up and wait for services to begin.

This process is long, confusing, tiresome, and frustrating.

And you could never be sure that you’ve found the best rate or plan for your needs.

But could you ever be?

By letting Power Wizard handle the process of changing electricity providers, your experience can be hassle-free, all while guaranteeing you are matched with the best electric rate and plan for your family.

Power Wizard’s unbiased algorithm requires minimal information, like:

  • Age of your home
  • Texas zip code
  • Size of your home
  • Expected electricity usage

With this information, Power Wizard matches you with your new provider in less than five minutes.

From there, Power Wizard takes over the sign-on process with your new provider and ensures electricity is to your home right away.

Let us find you the best plan in seconds and start saving.

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